Finance Insights
  • Make Way for The Robot Stock Pickers

    26 June 2016 | UK | Media

    The Financial Times speaks with industry experts about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in asset management, quoting Alexey Utkin, SVP in the Finance Practice at DataArt, who shares his thoughts on the extent to which humans can be replaced by machines in the financial services, and addresses concerns about the increasing use of machines in investment management.

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  • Banking on the Internet of Things: More than Restocking Fridges

    24 June 2016 | USA | Media

    Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP at Finance Practice at DataArt, speaks with American Banker about the use of IoT data in the banking industry to provide more convenient, relevant and targeted customer services and experiences, as well as the need to manage privacy.

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  • Start-Ups vs. Big Banks: What is the Future of Money 2026?

    1 June 2016 | UK | Media

    IDG Connect asked several industry leaders about their views on the future of money. Alexey Utkin, Financial Services Practice Lead at DataArt UK, believes there will be a greater financial democracy a decade from today.

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  • Banks Turn to Software to Ease Stress as Regulations Tighten Around the Globe

    1 June 2016 | UK | Media

    The Financial Times features commentary from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Financial Services Practice at DataArt, on the role of technology in optimizing the processes of regulatory compliance.

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  • Six Reasons to Believe in Argentina

    10 May 2016 | USA | Media

    Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, and Marcos Mauro, Head of its Buenos Aires office, share with Nearshore Americas their views on what makes Argentina one of the best sourcing locations for high-level tech solutions: education and diversity, culture, attitude and experience, market maturity, proximity and value for money.

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  • Social Trading. What Is It and Why People Do It?

    4 May 2016 | Blog

    Modern internet technologies are constantly changing the way people communicate with each other. Various platforms and resources successfully connect producers and consumers, employers and job applicants, buyers and sellers. Social networks create communities and unite people who share common interests,...

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  • We Need to Talk About Legacy IT Architectures…

    4 May 2016 | UK | Media

    Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, discusses legacy IT issues in Global Banking & Finance Review Magazine, stating that in order to remain competitive, banks need to solve infrastructure issues. While replacing a legacy system architecture with a modern one would reach this objective, the task is similar to redesigning a battleship in the heat of the battle.

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  • Will Modern Technology Change the Way We See POS Devices?

    26 April 2016 | Blog

    What has changed? For decades, POS workplaces have been built on standard PCs. Starting with DOS, then moving to other operating systems, COM-ports have been replaced by USB, but the situation hasn’t changed much: industrial PCs are put inside a specially designed computer casing. However,...

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  • Productivity and Legacy IT Architectures...

    24 April 2016 | UK | Media

    Management Services Journal offers insight from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, as he discusses technology approaches for overcoming legacy IT architectures issues, and discusses their cultural and organizational implications.

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  • Currency Conversion

    18 April 2016 | Blog

    Anyone who has been abroad knows that currency conversion occurs whenever you pay with a credit or debit card. However, many don’t understand why charges are relatively high. To help explain the issue, let me explain how your payments happen overseas. As soon as you return from your trip, you...

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