Finance Insights
  • Isolating Sensitive Bits of 'Big Data' Key to Compliance

    13 June 2012 | Media

    By Kenneth Hardin “Big Data” is the latest buzzword to sweep through enterprise IT, and — as you might expect — it is projected to affect everything your company does. Not surprisingly, the “Big Data” conversation is moving toward compliance, or should we say “Big Compliance.” For those firms who...

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  • A Changing Market

    8 May 2012 | Media

    By John Younghusband FX-MM magazine, which covers the latest developments in Capital Markets and finding as well as risk management and technology issues, places a bylined article by John Younghusband of DataArt, where he reflects on how technological developments have changed the face of FX trading...

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  • For the Underbanked, Online Banking Comes to Tablets

    7 May 2012 | Media

    By Daniel Wolfe In this exclusive story, American Banker magazine discusses the tablet app landscape in light of DataArt’s recent completion of a mobile banking Kindle Fire app for Plastyc, a prepaid card marketer, with commentary from Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt and Patrice...

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  • Try Before You Buy: Firms, Vendors Employ Proofs of Concept

    27 January 2012 | Media

    By Jake Thomases Technology vendors were once loath to give away their ideas for free. Financial service firms were similarly unwilling to invest in a project that might be a sunk cost. However, attitudes are changing, and it is now standard for companies to pay for proofs-of-concept before beginning...

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  • 2012 Cloud Forecast

    16 December 2011 | Media

    By Oleg Komissarov Oleg Komissarov, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at DataArt, contributed a by-lined article to HPC in the Cloud. 2012 Cloud Forecast outlines key goals for software industry leaders as PaaS, IaaS and SaaS providers invest billions in infrastructure and enterprise...

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  • Once More Unto the Cloud, Dear Friends

    9 December 2011 | Media

    By Anthony Malakian Deputy Editor of Buy-Side Technology Anthony Malakian spoke with Alexei Miller of DataArt about Cloud technology at Waters USA Congress. In his article in Waters magazine, Malakian shares Miller's controversial yet refreshing view about the ubiquitous nature of the term and strategy...

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  • UBS Finds Risk Management Stress Test Costly

    26 October 2011 | Media

    By Mathew J. Schwartz UBS failed to stop a single rogue trader from racking up $2 billion in losses. Yet, some experts argue that banks overall may be better than others at managing risk. UBS failed to stop a single rogue trader from racking up $2 billion in losses. Yet, some experts argue that banks...

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  • Stocking Up on Software

    29 September 2011 | Media

    In a conversation with Steve Marlin of Markets Media Alexei Miller discusses DataArt’s unique offering and explains the reasons for robust growth in custom application development and outsourcing practices among buy-side firms. “DataArt, a software outsourcing provider serving hedge funds and investment...

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  • What the Buy Side is Buying

    9 August 2011 | Media

    By Alexander Makeyenkov In a bylined article for Advanced Trading magazine, Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP of Capital Markets at DataArt, postulates that we have entered the era of Custom Application Development, since more and more off-the-shelf solutions are no match for today's hedge funds. Drawing...

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  • IT Outsourcing: Better Out Than In?

    27 July 2011 | Media

    By Nik Pratt Funds Europe, the business strategy magazine for Europe's asset management professionals, covering institutional and retail markets, traditional and alternative investments, turned to Alexei Miller of DataArt and Jonathan Lindsell of Red Skye Partners, to discuss the benefits and risks...

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