Wealth Management: Custom Software Development

Wealth Management

DataArt helps clients convert IT-Driven solutions to Client-Driven platforms, solving some of the most pertinent challenges in wealth management.

Challenge I: Attract new clients from the mass-affluent sector and win new opportunities in a highly competitive marketplace

Having reliable client on-boarding tools is crucial. DataArt combines the knowledge of latest technologies with expertise in building web, desktop and mobile user interfaces to create multi-platform tools for Advisors. These tools help Advisors to solve Business problems such as:

  • Stand out among competitors
  • Bring in more mass-affluent sector clients
  • Have more client-facing time
  • Generate comprehensive investment proposals in minutes which allow to:
    • Capture client's profile
    • Identify client's risk tolerance
    • Identify investment goals
    • Recommend investment program
    • Propose portfolio construction
    • Propose trade allocation
    • Customize on-the-fly and generate investment proposal reports

Challenge II: High net worth client looking for portfolio diversification and customized solutions

DataArt has significant experience in data integration with leading market and private data providers and helping clients in building flexible cross-platform integration frameworks which allow them to:

  • Provide exposure to alternative assets such as hedge funds and private equity
  • Aggregate assets from multiple sources
  • Diversify risk and return on portfolio investment
  • Guarantee accurate pricing and performance information on alternative investments as in traditional stocks and bond investments

DataArt is also experienced in building reporting frameworks which allows advisors to tailor reports for custom client needs. We easily combine traditional relational databases and reporting frameworks with in-memory caches and NoSQL systems build:

  • On-demand, single-view, real-time reporting
  • On-the-fly customizable report layout and content
  • Custom data and documents outputted to single-view client reports compliance with regulatory requirements

Challenge III: Stay connected with client

DataArt is well versed in various CRM platforms and integration tools, social networking platforms and APIs, social web mining and semantic Web, all of which allow to interact with clients as much or as little as needed.

Challenge IV: Stay competitive from cost and time perspective

Choosing right technologies and finding the right balance of IT partners can help solve this challenge. DataArt has two key advantages:

  • The best price-to-performance ratio in the software development world
  • Advanced knowledge of wealth management systems

Areas of Expertise

  • Portfolio Management
    • Strategy Definition
    • Research
    • Market Analysis
      • Market Data Mining
      • Social Web Mining
      • News Mining
      • Big Data Analytics
      • Predictive Analytics
    • Rebalancing
    • Portfolio Construction
      • Asset Allocation
      • Risk Analysis
      • Optimization
      • Modeling
      • Portfolio Analysis
      • Order Generation
  • Fund Accounting & Record keeping
    • Portfolio Valuation
    • Custody Reconciliation
    • Portfolio Accounting
    • Failed Trades Control
    • Pricing Control
    • Stock Lending and Integration with Brokers
    • Corporate Actions Processing
    • Derivative Servicing & Collateral management
    • Third Party Fund Manager Record
  • Trading & Order Management
    • Order Management
    • Order Placement
    • Trade Execution
    • Trade Capture
    • Trade Allocation
  • Performance & Reporting
    • Performance Calculation
    • Performance Attribution
    • Direct Feeds to Third Parties
    • Customized configurable Client Reporting
  • Data Management
    • Data Acquisition
    • Rule-Driven Data Integration
    • Data Storage & Maintenance
    • Data Workflows
    • Validation, Reconciliation & Cleansing

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