Healthcare Insights
  • What's Ahead in 2015

    29 December 2014 | USA | Media

    By Daniel Piekarz Medical Design Technology spoke with the industry leaders about 2015 trends in healthcare tech, and included insight from Daniel Piekarz, VP of Business Development, Life Sciences at DataArt. “Technology implemented well is greatly increasing our ability to understand...

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  • DataArt at mHealth Summit 2014

    25 November 2014 | Blog

    DataArt's Healthcare Practice invites you to meet with us at mHealth Summit in Washington, DC December 8-10 – the perfect place to explore the limits of mobile and non-mobile health innovations. At our exhibition booth #819, DataArt will showcase its mobile expertise and ability to connect smart devices,...

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  • Could cloud-based EHRs have detected Ebola?

    6 November 2014 | USA | Media

    MedCityNews spoke with Daniel Piekarz, VP of Business Development, Life Sciences at DataArt, about how cloud-based SaaS EHR systems could benefit many hospitals operations. “Scores of EHR companies are going forward with the cloud-based approach, among them athenahealth,...

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  • DataArt at Health 2.0 Europe 2014

    29 October 2014 | Blog

    Health 2.0 Europe is just around the corner, and DataArt's Healthcare and Life Sciences practice is looking forward to exhibiting at the event. We've prepared a few treats for you, including a lottery, demos of our R&D projects, like Orange and others, that show how technology can expand...

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  • Pitfalls for Insurance Claims Processing

    17 October 2014 | Blog

    Insurance claims processing is an essential component of revenue cycle management that has the power to improve practice’s collections. In reality, however, healthcare providers and insurance companies keep running into a wall of miscommunication. Why does it happen? The answer is in the article “Pitfalls...

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  • Pitfalls for Insurance Claims Processing

    8 October 2014 | USA | Media

    Egor Kobelev, Software Delivery Manager at DataArt, discusses the challenges in insurance claims processing and ways to solve them. “As of today, different sources report that up to 75% of claims are electronic, with the vast majority following the EDI X12standard. Seems pretty good at first glance,...

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  • Meaningful use is more about reimbursement than patient engagement

    22 September 2014 | USA | Media

    By Daniel Piekarz Daniel Piekarz continues his series of articles on technology trends in healthcare, and talks about cybersecurity in EHR systems. “Aside from the tide of healthcare big data, the industry’s response to the FDA’s newly released guidance for cyber security management in medical devices...

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  • The changing face of healthcare and life sciences: The impact of big data

    16 September 2014 | USA | Media

    By Daniel Piekarz Daniel Piekarz, VP of Business Development for Life Sciences at DataArt discusses the impact of big data on the healthcare industry, and outlines the advantages and challenges facing the industry. “The life sciences and healthcare industry in 2014 has been defined by the growing...

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  • How To: Integrate Your Heart Rate App With HealthKit API

    26 June 2014 | Blog

    At the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month Apple introduced an app simply called “Health”that promises to become an all-embracing hub for healthcare and fitness applications and wearable devices. It will allow you to store all of your health data and vital signs in one place including...

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  • Reducing The Cost Of Healthcare With Technology

    12 June 2014 | USA | Media

    Daniel Piekarz, Vice President of Life Sciences Business Development, contributes a byline article on various ways to cut healthcare costs with technology. Analyzing recent healthcare IT conferences, he states that while “were numerous solutions including many EHR, PMS, HIE, Population Management systems...

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