Healthcare Insights
  • Analytics is on Top of Investment’s Priority for Healthcare

    27 March 2013 | Blog

    Healthcare sector is evolving and requires new sophisticated IT technologies. According to IDC survey 50% of respondent defined advanced analytics as the most important and desirable opportunity for investments, and the other half said the same about data warehousing. Healthcare care providers,...

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  • Leveraging Big Data Analytics to Improve Healthcare Delivery

    26 March 2013 | Blog

    Learn how Premier Healthcare Alliance is leveraging analytics to drive and improve the healthcare delivery process.

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  • Our Experience With Nomograms: Calculating Your Body Mass Index

    7 March 2013 | Blog

    Together with DataArt’s Data visualization competence center and Healthcare practice, we have developed an interactive application that functions on several platforms including desktop and mobile browsers and allows building nomograms. A nomogram is a diagram representing the relationships...

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  • Being a part of HealthVault and NOKR collaboration

    5 March 2013 | Blog

    Sean Nolan, from Microsoft HealthVault, talks about HIMSS 2013, DataArt and the integration of HealthVault and NOKR as the beginning of a broad story:

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  • DataArt Enables Next of Kin Registry and Microsoft HealthVault to Unite National Emergency Contact Updates

    4 March 2013 | Press Release

    Custom Software Development Firm Creates Safe Connection for Health Information Databases NEW YORK – March 4, 2013 — DataArt, a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for select industries, today announced the completion of its project with Next of Kin Registry (NOKR),...

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  • Healthcare Technology to Increase Innovation

    8 February 2013 | Blog

    Now that the holidays are long over and 2013 is quickening its pace, our Healthcare team came up with some predictions for 2013. Here’s what we expect to happen in Healthcare IT industry this year. With Personal Health Records (PHRs) becoming more popular and the initiatives such as BlueButton...

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  • DataArt Healthcare Team Helps NOKR Connect with Microsoft Health Vault

    7 February 2013 | Blog

    A few months ago Microsoft Health Vault team posted a call for volunteer to help NOKR integrate their system with Health Vault and DataArt responded to the call. And so, our healthcare team's hard work resulted in a successful delivery of the solution last week. Check out MSDN blog post about that here...

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  • Pushing Buttons for the Blue Button

    3 December 2012 | Blog

    Several years ago President Obama announced the Blue Button initiative for Veterans, in order that they could easily download their medical data and share it with doctors and hospitals. This initiative has now become more popular and it has expanded to become something that everyone can use to access...

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  • Mobile Health Apps, Part 2: Making Life Safer and Sweeter

    21 April 2011 | Media

    By Pam Baker TechNewsWorld runs a series of articles on the future of mobile in healthcare, noting that currently most consumer-oriented mobile healthcare apps provide information to the user vs. exchanging information with other parties. The magazine cites opinions of leading healthcare IT experts,...

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  • Project launch for Cancer Research

    11 October 2004 | Press Release

    A new project for a UK company has been recently launched. DataArt continues its work for public organizations. Thanks to the successful Newham project, DataArt received a tick with regards to a company experienced in working with public organizations. Therefore this new project, is concerned...

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