Healthcare Insights
  • Healthcare Industry Expects Predictive Medicine Instead of Reactive Medicine

    19 January 2016 | Blog

    Roman Chernyshev, the leader of Healthcare & Life Sciences practice, shares his view on medical wearables, “smart artificial limbs”, conservatism of the industry and Big Data in medicine. - Who are the leaders in the medtech market - start-ups or corporations? - It's quite a difficult question...

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  • KidPro App Helps Children Undergoing Clinical Trials

    18 January 2016 | UK | Media

    Grant Powell interviews Roman Chernyshev, VP Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt EU about the development of the KidPro app - aimed at children undergoing clinical trials. Roman also offers his thoughts on the IT industry and future developments he'd like to see in IT related to healthcare.

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  • The Road to HIPAA Compliance

    14 December 2015 | USA | Media

    Egor Kobelev, VP of Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt, discusses what it takes for companies to become HIPAA compliant and outlines three key areas that need to be taken into consideration during the planning stages: process, infrastructure and technology.

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  • DataArt’s Healthcare Mobile Apps Command Interest at mHealth Summit

    2 December 2015 | Blog

    DataArt’s Healthcare & Life Sciences practice had a strong showing at the 7th annual mHealth Summit that took place on November 8-11, 2015 in Washington, DC. A great place to explore health innovations, industry insights and trends, mHealth drew thousands of industry executives. DataArt’s...

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  • IT Outsourcing Projections for 2016 Bring Pros, Cons

    2 December 2015 | USA | Media

    Daniel Piekarz, the Head of DataArt’s Healthcare Practice provides commentary to HealthcareDive on IT outsourcing as a strategy in the healthcare industry. Piekarz sees the promise of outsourcing in solving the industry’s key challenges: increased efficiency, improved quality of service and reduction of costs.

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  • The Friday Interview: Roman Chernyshev, SVP Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt

    13 November 2015 | USA | Media

    For their weekly interview, Pixel Health caught up with Roman Chernyshev, Senior Vice President – Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, to discuss the future of technology in the world of health and how data can unlock the potential for vastly improved services. “What’s coming...

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  • DataArt Exhibits at mHealth in Washington, DC, Showcases Innovative Apps

    10 November 2015 | Press Release

    New York, NY - November 9, 2015 – DataArt’s Healthcare & Life Sciences practice will be exhibiting at mHealth Summit, the industry’s leading event on innovation in healthcare, November 8-11, in Washington, DC. The company executives, Daniel Piekarz, Roman Chernyshev and Egor Kobelev,...

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  • How healthcare clients are utilising wearables to track patient health information

    6 November 2015 | USA | Media

    By Daniel Piekarz Daniel Piekarz, VP of Business Development, Life Sciences at DatArt, authors an article on how wearable devices and sensors are transforming the healthcare industry. "We are still in the early stages of how healthcare is managed and wearables combined with mHealth applications...

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  • Hospital of Tomorrow 2015 Insights

    1 November 2015 | Blog

    The health care industry is evolving, driven by policy changes, societal shifts and technological advances. Health care policy experts, government officials, health care trade associations and C-level executives from hospitals and health care systems gathered on the 20th of October at the U.S. News Hospital...

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  • DataArt engineers new website for UK Health Radio

    13 October 2015 | Press Release

    London – October 13, 2015. DataArt UK has worked with homegrown radio station, UK Health Radio to upgrade their existing systems and website. Through DataArt’s support, UK Health Radio now has the capacity to stream health advice and information to a much larger audience.  With over twenty presenters,...

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