Life Sciences Insights
  • Project launch for Cancer Research

    11 October 2004 | Press Release

    A new project for a UK company has been recently launched. DataArt continues its work for public organizations. Thanks to the successful Newham project, DataArt received a tick with regards to a company experienced in working with public organizations. Therefore this new project, is concerned...

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  • DataArt is now developing a version of its EMR system.

    23 March 2004 | Press Release

    With the significant increase in the number of insurance fraud cases recently, independent medical expertise has become an important and rapidly expanding part of the industry. In order to stay on the front lines, DataArt is now developing a version of its EMR system that will be specifically tailored...

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  • EMR to compete in Microsoft Health User Group Industry Solution Awards.

    6 January 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt and its strategic partner submitted their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system for the annual Microsoft Health User Group Industry Solution Awards for Healthcare (ISAH). DataArt has been working over a year on this system, which is already utilized in several American practices. The system...

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  • Deployment of Electronic Medical Records solution begun.

    3 November 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt started the deployment of a new, stabilizing release electronic medical records solution for a Long Island based client. Numerous features make the paperwork of a physician even easier then before. Among the most welcomed improvments is the ability to create a consult letter out of a chart...

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  • Physician Partner (TM) demo available online.

    15 September 2003 | Press Release

    Over the last year, DataArt has been developing an Electronic Medical Records solution to simplify the storage and processing of medical records while increasing accuracy. This highly flexible Web-based system features: Patient records management Electronic data files Billing system...

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