Open Source & IoT Insights
  • Apple Watch – Not Quite There Yet

    11 March 2015 | Blog

    New Apple Watch, while highly anticipated, remains predominantly a niche product despite high hopes in the industry. It’s not that the idea is wrong – no one disputes that wearables can improve our lives in many ways. However, to date implementation of the idea has been sloppy, and has failed to deliver...

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  • Fitbit – New Development Opportunities

    5 March 2015 | Blog

    The world is excited about the new Fitbit wearable devices. So is DataArt’s Wearables Competence Center. We decided to play with some of them to find out about the new development opportunities. This article is dedicated to Fitbit. About Fitbit devices Currently, the Fitbit products include...

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  • IoT Design and Development

    1 March 2015 | USA | Media

    By Brian Albright Desktop Engineering discusses the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the most pervasive tech topics in 2014, as more companies introduced smart, connected products, including smart cars, home appliances, and medical devices. Gartner expects roughly 26 billion “things”...

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  • DataArt presents the 1.3.1 release of the IoT/M2M framework DeviceHive

    13 February 2015 | Blog

    DataArt IoT team has prepared the 1.3.1 version of DeviceHive, its IoT/M2M framework. The new release is now available for a download. We’ve added some new features, like the ability to login to a DeviceHive playground via OAuth from Facebook, Google+ or Github accounts. Our team did this by introducing...

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  • A Rallying Cry for IoT Security Standards, Data Governance

    1 February 2015 | UK | Media

    By Charlotte Lamp-Davies, VP, DataArt Charlotte Lamp-Davies reports on her experiences at the Wearable Technology Show 2015 in London, where DataArt presented the new products it has recently developed. “Attending the Wearable Technology Show 2015 in London recently made me realise what an...

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  • The Internet of Me: How Wearable Tech is Changing IoT

    15 January 2015 | USA | Media

    The Application Developers Alliance has published its latest IoT report on wearable technology, featuring commentary from Artyom Astafurov, head of IoT Practice at DataArt. Developers have numerous resources at their fingertips to learn the ins and outs of wearable technology. Artyom Astafurov, Managing...

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  • DataArt IoT/M2M team took the third place at NYC IoT Fair

    22 December 2014 | Blog

    We are happy to announce, that DataArt got third place in the Internet of Things competition at NYC IoT Fair this December. The first New York IoT Fair had about 500 attendees and 23 companies, who demoed IoT ideas bridging devices, cloud, and data. The DataArt team showcased real-time analytics...

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  • DataArt & at NYC IoT Fair @ Google HQ, December 8

    5 December 2014 | Blog

    We are glad to announce that & DataArt will be showcasing IoT wireless sensor integration and real-time event processing during NYC IoT Fair @ Google HQ, December 8 from 6pm to 8pm. We’ll be happy to show how wireless Sensor Tags can be easily integrated with data services using the...

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  • DeviceHive 1.3.0 – the Open Source IoT/M2M Platform Done Right!

    26 November 2014 | Blog

    The DataArt IoT / M2M practice is happy to finally present the new release version of the open source IoT / M2M communication platform DeviceHive 1.3.0. The framework was developed to allow users to concentrate more power in innovation & focus on how the machines & gadgets will communicate, instead...

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  • Internet of Things. Automotive as a Microcosm of IoT

    27 October 2014 | USA | Media

    The Application Developers Alliance issued a white paper on IoT in the automotive industry, providing insight from executives at key companies that are pushing the field forward, including DataArt. Download the paper to learn about IoT standards, technologies, opportunities, and implications for the...

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