Media & Entertainment Software Solutions

DataArt is a trusted technology partner of the leading media and entertainment companies, bringing diverse talent and years of experience to meet the evolving needs of the most demanding business enterprises.

DataArt’s consulting expertise goes beyond finding the best solutions to specific problems, we develop sophisticated approaches to help tackle challenges presented to the media industry of the 21st century. The extent to which technological innovations can be embraced and integrated into the company’s processes, products and services, forms the backbone of competitive advantage among modern industry giants. Our core area of expertise is designing, developing and supporting solutions that help our clients win.

Music & Entertainment

The music business is an industry under constant revenue pressure due to the accelerated change in technology and consumer behavior. It is critical for the music industry to maintain the highest level of technological innovation in balancing the relationships between artist, label, publisher and revenue generating platforms on global and local levels.

Publishing & Advertising

Modern digital publishers and advertisers are rethinking their current business models to continue to thrive in the era of native and programmatic ads standardization. We help our clients enhance the efficiency of their business models by providing a unified approach to content distribution, audience engagement, sales measurement and critical business processes automation.

Multimedia streaming

With the emergence of new broadcasting technologies and applications, the long-time battle for the captive consumer audience takes a new turn, bringing even more players to the field of content delivery. DataArt delivers end-to-end multimedia streaming solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Sports Analytics

At DataArt we have always believed in the future of Big Data and successfully applied years of accumulated knowledge to the benefit of our clients in the Sports Analytics industry.


Our custom solutions span the entire range of user experience innovations, ensuring the maximum engagement and compatibility, be it a responsive website with adaptive video content or a second screen application providing detailed information about products shown to consumers on their smart TV’s.

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