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  • Telecommunications without telephones

    15 December 2004 | Media

    SSERU (Stockholm School of Economics, Russia) #5 December 2004 Stockholm School of Economics tapped into DataArt's expertise of the telecommunications sector for a story on new means of global communication. A survey and an article written by DataArt's COO Mikhail Zavileysky and co-authored by...

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  • DataArt to sponsor Tele-Conference "The Economics of Offshore Outsourcing" January 27, 2005

    10 December 2004 | Press Release

    An Offshore Economics tele-conference is the first in a series of web-based events, hosted by The subject of offshore economics is at the cutting edge of current offshore discussion issues, and has been selected as a special topic to ponder for the stakeholders and top-executives in Small...

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  • Unsolvable problems are no match for DataArt old-timers!

    6 December 2004 | Press Release

    Universality is the most valuable employee feature for DataArt. Engaging deeply with project details and concerning themselves with any technological problem is the particular feature that Russian developers are known and valued for. The head of the Russian branch of Intel once said, "The Russians...

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  • Developers Days 2004

    2 December 2004 | Press Release

    One of our dot net developers, Sergey Tikhomirov, recently attended Microsoft's "Developers Days 2004" conference. All seminars at the conference were dedicated to the most recent Microsoft projects. The first dealt with fast application development using Visual Basic .Net 2003 and its recently...

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  • Russian IT for Finnish start-ups

    1 December 2004 | Press Release

    A DataArt representative attended the "Innovation Infrastructure in Finland and St.Petersburg - Networking & Cooperation" seminar. The event was organized by RUSSOFT and the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg. The dominating topics were Techno-parks, venture capital on the Finnish...

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  • DataArt launches Outsourcing to Russia site

    29 November 2004 | Press Release

    If you have decided to outsource offshore, you have probably asked yourself two questions: what are the benefits of the chosen offshore area, and what are the possible drawbacks of choosing a particular country? We at DataArt realize these questions are very difficult for consumers to answer. We have,...

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  • Scientific Talent in Charge of DataArt's CRM

    24 November 2004 | Press Release

    Dmitry Yakovlev holds a PhD in computational chemistry from St. Petersburg State University and, before coming to DataArt, wrote 11 scientific publications while working as a researcher. Dmitry's science background helps him take charge of numerous duties including communication technologies and DataArt's...

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  • Secure Media Delivery project successfully completed

    23 November 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt has just finished a project for Secure Media Delivery. This new client, located in Denver, has developed a community-driven media distribution system to provide a new way of sharing music on the internet. DataArt has developed the Java-based web application that provides this new service. While...

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  • BCT Project Completed

    22 November 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt is happy to announce that as the BCT project finishes, a new stage of customer support is beginning. The work for BCT involved development of a complicated Variable Data Printing application. DataArt developed the high performance client-server application, which provides graphical information...

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  • DataArt Reflects New Trend in Outsourcing

    21 November 2004 | Press Release

    "While the furor over offshoring may have focused on India, customers need look no farther than DataArt to see that South Asia doesn't have a monopoly on IT outsourcing," says Anne Krishnan of the Research Triangle Park magazine, The Herald-Sun. In the article, devoted to outsourcing white-collar...

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