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  • Technology: Markets have different tastes: Java for Europe, .NET for USA

    1 October 2003 | Press Release

    When DataArt made the decision to specialize in the Microsoft .NET platform more then three years ago, nobody thought that numerous British customers would prefer Java over .NET. Two years later, DataArt's Java department is moving to a new office because it has outgrown its physical space. DataArt...

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  • More Expertise added to Website

    30 September 2003 | Press Release

    The Media & Printing expertise of DataArt is now available to view on our website. ...

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  • Customer Relationship Initiative.

    30 September 2003 | Press Release

    The new customer relationship initiative program, along with the new customer relationship manager, will provide independent customer feedback to DataArt on all important projects. The customer relationship manager is responsible for regular meetings and/or calls with key customers. We strongly believe...

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  • Membership in Technology Leadership Council of NY/NJ.

    26 September 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt has been chosen to be a member of the organizing committee and a technology partner for this exclusive c-level CIO event presented by the Technology Leadership Council of NY/NJ. ...

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  • Great Show at TECHXNY.

    19 September 2003 | Press Release

    TECNXNY EXPO 2003 is over and DataArt wishes to express its gratitude to everyone who visited our stand during the Show. We had a wonderful time. ...

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  • Java department gets new office.

    18 September 2003 | Press Release

    Today is a special day in DataArt's history. The Representative Office in St. Petersburg opened a second location. All the organizational and repair work is finished so the Java department can move there in the near future. This new office allows DataArt to hire additional specialists and make the...

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  • D&B classifies financial condition as strong.

    16 September 2003 | Press Release

    The Dun & Bradstreet Rating for DataArt has been improved as the analysis of the financial statement supports a higher rating. The payment information in D&B's file indicates that the majority of DataArt's obligations are retired satisfactorily. According to the D&B classification, DataArt's...

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  • The Caviar of Software Development, With Vodka, At TECHXNY Expo

    10 September 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt will be helping visitors to understand the benefits and issues of offshore custom software development, with the help of some vodka, at the upcoming TECHXNY expo on September 16-18 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. Offshore custom software development is a hot topic...

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  • Who wants to be a millionaire

    15 January 2002 | Media

    BBC ( Interview with Peter Atalla, founder of StudentNet In three years Peter has made and lost a Ј10m company, been promoted to managing director of Serano in London and has just founded the UK branch of Russian based company DataArt which will be worth $250 - $350 million in five...

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  • Challenge and Promise in the Wild East

    19 November 2001 | Media

    By Martha Lagace Russia and Central and Eastern Europe remain full of promise, but the hurdles persist for ambitious businesspeople, according to a panel of seasoned experts at the Europe Business Conference 2001. Download PDF ...

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