Media & Entertainment Software Solutions

DataArt is a reliable partner to the leading companies in the sector, providing emerging technology expertise and industry experience to help our clients adapt their business models to technological changes and build new delivery platforms that shape relevant and impactful customer experiences:

  • We help our clients establish new revenue streams by consulting on the most efficient and innovative technology driven products, tailored to complement their current business offerings.
  • We are Big Data and cloud computing experts and integrate these capabilities into our solutions.
  • Years of knowledge accumulated by our core media team will serve our client’s business as a risk mitigating factor.
  • Our impeccable security track record backed up by the brightest minds in the field ensures that our clients’ data and technology know-how are secure.
  • Complete transparency combined with a variety of engagement models allows our clients to plan their budgets with certainty.

Music & Entertainment

The music industry’s demands for innovative technologies are constantly evolving. At DataArt, we’re always eager to apply our knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

Publishing & Advertising

At DataArt we understand the challenges facing modern publishing and advertising businesses. By working closely with some of the most prominent players in the industry we have refined our ability to address technological challenges in any business model to deliver the smartest cost-effective solutions.

Multimedia streaming

With the emergence of new broadcasting technologies and applications, the long-time battle for the captive consumer audience takes a new turn, bringing even more players to the field of content delivery. DataArt delivers end-to-end multimedia streaming solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Sports Analytics

At DataArt we have always believed in the future of Big Data and successfully applied years of accumulated knowledge to the benefit of our clients in the Sports Analytics industry.


Our custom solutions span the entire range of user experience innovations, ensuring the maximum engagement and compatibility, be it a responsive website with adaptive video content or a second screen application providing detailed information about products shown to consumers on their smart TV’s.