Travel & Hospitality Insights
  • Dark Arts: Why some OTAs fool hotels with fake prices

    12 May 2015 | UK | Media

    Tnooz speaks with Roman Peskin, VP of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, about rates scraping malgorithms and counter-intelligent efforts in the sector. “It’s well known that major hotel chains routinely check the rates being offered for their properties through online travel agencies (OTAs)...

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  • DataArt to Speak at Sabre Travel Technology Exchange Conference 2015

    7 May 2015 | Press Release

    NEW YORK – May 7, 2015 — DataArt, a technology consulting firm that creates end-to-end solutions, will be speaking at the Red App Developer Panel at Sabre Travel Technology Exchange Conference 2015. Alex Shchedrin, who leads Sabre Red App services at DataArt, will be participating on...

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  • DataArt: Strategic Advice and Technology Solution Design for Travel and Hospitality Sector

    27 April 2015 | USA | Media

    Greg Abbott, head of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, explains the evolved needs of travelers and the industry's efforts to reinvent itself in order to "deliver a personalized "flawless" experience to increase increase customer satisfaction." DataArt offers strategic advice and provides specific...

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  • Digital & IoT Are Changing the Travel Industry, One App at a Time

    27 April 2015 | USA | Media

    David Tossell, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, shares his thoughts on the best approaches to developing the digital guest experience and explains how the Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting travel and provides "endless opportunities for hoteliers to provide their customers with...

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  • Hotel revenue management software has its Pharrell Williams moment

    14 April 2015 | UK | Media

    “Since the 1990s, revenue management software (RMS) has promised to take the guesswork out of rate-setting. Yet most hotels still don’t use it,” writes TNooz and speaks with DataArt about the repercussions. “Roman Peskin, vice president of...

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  • The Best Way to Find an Airfare Online

    6 April 2015 | USA | Media

    by Scott McCartney Wall Street Journal discusses optimal ways of booking affordable flights in the plethora of options provided by today's technologies and vendors, from Travelocity and Skyscanner to Kyayak and Google Flights, and seeks expert opinions from the industry's leaders, including that...

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  • How 26 Billion “Internet of Things” Devices Will Impact The Hotel Industry

    18 March 2015 | USA | Media

    By David Tossell, Vice President, DataArt David Tossell continues his series of articles on the current trends in the travel & hospitality sector, and turns to the impact of IoT on the industry. “Back in 1993 I started my career in travel marketing at a time when airlines paid 10%...

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  • DataArt Clinches Two Wins at THack, Berlin

    10 March 2015 | Blog

    From the moment that THack Berlin was first announced, DataArt had no doubts that this was a great opportunity to share our ideas and knowledge of the recent changes in the travel technology space. Before arriving in Berlin, we spent several days polishing our initial concept. However, everything changed...

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  • THack Berlin - winners, presentations, pictures and more

    2 March 2015 | UK | Media

    TNooz reports on the winners and participants of its annual THack, where DataArt has clinched two victories: “a large team (3-5 developers) winner for its Inspiration and Discovery Booking Tool for advanced frequent flyers to uncover tours and activities within the flight-searching path”, and a second...

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  • DataArt to Participate in THack Berlin 2015

    26 February 2015 | Press Release

    NEW YORK & London – February 26, 2015 — DataArt today announced that it will be participating in the weekend hackathon, THack Berlin 2015 from February 28 to March 1. THack requires each company to code a working mobile or web application in 24 hours that helps travelers discover, enhance and share their...

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