Travel & Hospitality Insights
  • Trends among Travel Start-ups

    20 March 2014 | Blog

    Although the online travel industry is among of the world’s largest industries, it continues to rapidly expand with new travel technology startups appearing on the market almost every week. Each new company claims to be unique and solve customers’ problems that existing companies don’t solve. If we...

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  • Point of Sale Systems: recent trends & predictions

    18 February 2014 | Blog

    Recent studies have shown an increasing demand of the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry to invest in updated Point of Sale “POS” equipment. Among the most popular trends that POS vendors are putting at the center of their strategic business focus are tablet-based solutions, mobile payments,...

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  • TECHNOLOGY: Stay Ahead of the Pack

    9 January 2014 | UK | Media

    Charlotte Lamp Davies, vice-president, travel & hospitality, Europe, DataArt, shares her opinion on trends in travel for 2014: “An increased focus in wearables such as Google Glass, which will be the envy of many a gadget lover. My mind wonders back to the early mobile phones – funny to think that...

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  • Technology: DataArt shares UK expansion plans

    4 December 2013 | Media

    By Matthew Parsons Charlotte Lamp Davies, Vice President of Travel and Hospitality, Europe at DataArt, spoke wth TTGDigital about her role in the company's expansion in UK, about DataArt's “elastic IT” message, engaging clients via peer-to-peer events and the benefits of working with an Eastern-European...

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  • What will it take for the hospitality sector to embrace the Internet of Things?

    8 November 2013 | Media

    By Artyom Astafurov After his highly acclaimed presentation at JavaOne, Artyom Astafurov, Chief Innovation Officer at DataArt, and his colleague Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel & Hospitality, teamed up to discuss the state of affairs with M2M technologies in the hospitality sector. "With solutions like...

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  • DataArt Sponsors Revenue Strategy Summit

    6 November 2013 | Press Release

    Hospitality Industry Examines the Future of Hotel Revenue Strategy Disciplines WHAT: DataArt, a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for the travel & hospitality industry, is sponsoring the Revenue Strategy Summit on November 12, 2013 at Affinia...

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  • THack SF Shows Just How Fresh Thinking Can Impact Travel Products

    24 September 2013 | Media

    The travel industry's leaders gathered at the headquarters of Hotel Tonight in San Francisco, for an annual THack, where DataArt's Greg Abbott presented Fitour, an iPhone app to help users select favorite activities while traveling.. "Coded hack: Greg Abbott from DataArt presented another...

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  • Admit it – True Innovation in Travel is a bit of Myth

    12 July 2013 | Media

    Following the Question Time event, hosted by DataArt in London, Dmitry Bagrov, SVP of European Business at DataArt, shares his opinion on innovation, and whether it has been moving forward in online travel. “Online travel – the ability for the general public to book holidays, flights and other related...

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  • Hotels not offering free Wi-Fi will lose out, DataArt debate hears

    3 July 2013 | Media

    Travolution highlights the key points of a round table discussion on trends in the travel industry hosted by DataArt in London. "Hotels not offering free Wi-Fi are at risk of losing customers, industry representatives told guests at a DataArt Question Time event. The panel consisted of Gisbert; Hugo...

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  • DataArt Sponsors OpenTravel Advisory Forum on Travel E-Commerce

    26 April 2013 | Press Release

    Leading travel & hospitality companies, including Marriott and Expedia, discuss airline merchandising, connectivity challenges in hospitality and modern XML messaging structures. WHAT: DataArt, a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for the travel...

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