Telecom Insights
  • How to Make an Internet Marketing Plan Work

    21 September 2005 | Media

    By Julia Zavileyskaya Julia Zavileyskaya, DataArt's Marketing Director, contributes an article on Web site search engine optimization (SEO) for small and medium businesses to WorldWIT's "Thinking Aloud". Being one of the leading SEO experts at DataArt, Julia shares the secrets of making your site...

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  • DataArt Executives Create Business Opportunities with Online Networking

    16 September 2005 | Press Release

    RusWIT, the Russian chapter of, headed by DataArt's marketing executives, held a kick-off meeting in St. Petersburg. The event presented interesting business networking opportunities as it was attended by representatives of KPMG, Intel, IFC and The St. Petersburg Times newspaper among...

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  • Russian IT Firms Turn to Financial Market for Clients

    6 September 2005 | Media

    By Yekaterina Dranitsyna Just a few years ago the very idea of Russia-based software engineers developing integrated systems for international investment funds seemed unbelievable," writes St. Petersburg (Russia) English-language business daily. "The situation has changed," continues the paper quoting...

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  • Comfortable Noise

    5 September 2005 | Media

    "With its simple and effective management know-how, DataArt highlights its closeness to clients who are in fact far away from the company's development office", writes Russian Expert magazine in a four-page feature article about DataArt. The story explores key factors which make the company an exciting...

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  • DataArt Conference in St. Petersburg Introduces Expertise Based Outsourcing

    25 August 2005 | Press Release

    DataArt's quarterly conference in St. Petersburg outlined the company's strategy for the near future. The company's executives stressed the importance of continuing the diversification based on expertise: making a transition from an outsourcing vendor to an expertise based outsourcing consultancy....

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  • Building Business Relationships in the Russian-American Diaspora

    8 August 2005 | Media

    By Vica Vinogradova and David Teten Vica Vinogradova, DataArt's VP of Corporate Communications, contributes an article to "The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online", David Teten's book and blog dedicated to online business networking. Vinogradova outlines Russia's recent political,...

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  • DataArt's VP of Corporate Communications Joins Executive Council Programs Committee

    3 August 2005 | Press Release

    Vica Vinogradova, DataArt's VP of Corporate Communications, was invited to join the Programs Committee of the Executive Council of New York, an exclusive association bringing together New York business community, aimed at fostering knowledge sharing, professional networking and business development...

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  • DataArt Hosts a Splendid Caviar Party for Financial Industry Partners

    21 July 2005 | Press Release

    DataArt held its traditional caviar party in midtown Manhattan, bringing together the company's friends and clients from selected hedge funds, and financial technology partners. DataArt parties have become famous for their hospitality and lavish catering, and last Thursday was no exception -...

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  • Good Corporate Writing: Why It Matters, and What to Do

    10 July 2005 | Media

    By Natalie Canavor and Claire Meirowitz Communication World, The Magazine for Communication Management of International Association of Business Communicators, addresses the importance of good corporate writing and cites DataArt as an example of a company with established practices that could be...

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  • Maintaining Control in an Outsourced Approach

    27 June 2005 | Media

    By Courtney Macavinta "To outsource or not to outsource is no longer the question -- for most enterprises it's just a matter of "when?" writes Courtney Macavinta in a cover story for CIO Strategy Center, a daily editorial resource offering strategies for building an integrated, secure and resilient...

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