Telecom Insights

  • IBM Seminar on Software Development

    30 September 2004 | Press Release

    Leading developers from DataArt visited a seminar entitled, "Creating Applications with the IBM Software Development Platform." IBM presented a line of highly integrated products covering the full cycle of software development - from the primary processing of customer requirements all the way...

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  • Java Department happy about release of New Technologies

    28 September 2004 | Press Release

    Due to the recent releases of the Hibernate3 alpha and PostgreSQL 8.0 Beta, DataArt's Java Department is starting a special R&D program covering new features and peculiarities of these technologies. This R&D program is expected to result in a set of seminars similar to the ones dedicated to...

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  • Java Developer challenges C# supporters

    24 September 2004 | Press Release

    In the brewing holy war between Java and C# developers, the great confrontation is not about technology but explicit belief. Java Developer Yakov Sirotkin can't keep silent about his vision anymore and has invited opponents into a discussion. If you would like to have your opinions published on this...

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  • Website optimization is work and hobby for Employee of the Week

    20 September 2004 | Press Release takes second position listing on Google for "software outsourcing" query. Andrei Balashov, who became employee of the week, spent a lot of time focusing his abilities on this endeavor. Learn just how much time and effort is required to bring about such spectacular results. ...

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  • Top Taiwanese companies look to Russia for top results

    15 September 2004 | Press Release

    The Taiwanese advanced information industry is clearly interested in using unique Russian outsourcing skills. The Taiwan Institute for Information Industry (III), and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), along with DataArt and a number of Russian outsourcing companies, recently participated...

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  • New Project for Spirent Communications Launched

    9 September 2004 | Press Release

    Spirent is launching a new project which continues our work in the VoIP network testing systems. DataArt successfully finished a VoIP protocols project in August. This new project marks the fourth for DataArt within the Spirent account. Spirent is also interested in maturing several other projects...

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  • DataArt holds QA Wizard seminar

    8 September 2004 | Press Release

    Because DataArt is currently expanding its QA accounts, our QA team was conducting research for an automated Java testing tool. During this research they came upon a QA Wizard solution. After gathering the necessary information, a demonstration seminar was scheduled. A QA Wizard Representative...

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  • Microsoft SQL User group seminar held at DataArt

    6 September 2004 | Press Release

    On September, 6th, the Russian Microsoft SQL user group held a meeting at DataArt. The seminar program included an MS SQL Server replication review and reports on Notification and Reporting services. A significant focus was put on scalability and productivity issues. DataArt was truly...

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  • IT Outsourcing Success Story

    3 September 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt successfully finished an Admin Module for I-CareTM (Incident Care). This module is a service chain automation application software for both technical support and contact centers. It is also another fine example of DataArt's effectiveness. Millennium Care Inc. is a leading provider of...

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  • Usability Seminar held at DataArt

    2 September 2004 | Press Release

    One of the most important characteristics for any software product continues to be usability. Clients of DataArt have received access to the experience and accumulated knowledge of usability professionals. One such professional is Spb Software House whose rich experience is the result of...

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