Telecom Insights
  • DataArt can share its knowledge with clients on how to produce higher benefits when outsourcing offshore.

    26 August 2004 | Press Release

    During the August 26 conference at the DataArt's Head Office in New York, Mr. Sergey Guskov, a renowned expert in corporate strategy and co- founder of a non-profit association Russian Digital Alliance, presented his well-known research work "RDA Economic Model of Offshore Relationships." The research...

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  • DataArt takes up the Olympic torch

    25 August 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt is aiming for gold with a new project in Greece. Some of DataArt's freshest talent is working on the project, and our young developers are proving themselves to be fine professionals. This first step into the Greek market further expands DataArt's growing worldwide experience; understanding...

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  • Second internet channel enhances service

    20 August 2004 | Press Release

    How can the success of projects be better guaranteed? This thought is always driving DataArt to advance its services. The launch of a second high-speed internet channel from an alternate provider is the latest safety enhancement. This guarantees DataArt with a secure and reliable 10 mb/s internet...

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  • DataArt invents new team-building techniques

    19 August 2004 | Press Release

    On August, 13, DataArt hosted its Corporate Conference. Conducting such conferences is unique to IT Community, as it is the only software development company that engages in such activities for its employees. These conferences act as team-building events to promote the conditions for a fast growth...

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  • A new UK-based client for DataArt

    17 August 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt was recently assigned to a new UK-based client's development project. A small project has been set up to develop a user data protection desktop application. DataArt looks forward to the prospect of developing a whole line of cryptographic application products for this client, including Outlook...

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  • Fourth Meeting of Microsoft Platform Developers

    12 August 2004 | Press Release

    Several DataArt employees attended the Fourth Microsoft platform developers' meeting. This event provided knowledge on .NET solutions and the Visual Studio 2005 release with new development options. The MSBuild resources and SQL Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 were presented as well. Events...

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  • New Version of DataArt's Testing Framework

    27 July 2004 | Press Release

    A new version of DataArt's testing framework has been developed by the Java department. This new version contains many enhancements to the framework's report and visualization tools. The framework greatly increases quality and reduces cost by combining the efforts of QA teams working on Java projects...

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  • Vice President of Red Hat visited Saint Petersburg

    23 July 2004 | Press Release

    Alex Pinchev, Vice President of a leading Linux Red Hat contracts supplier, visited Saint Petersburg to take part in a press conference with leading Russian Linux companies. DataArt has been working with a number of large Linux projects. Alex Pinchev said, "One thing I can be sure of is that Red Hat...

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  • The Intel R&D center in St. Petersburg

    22 July 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt attended a press conference covering the Intel R&D center opening in St. Petersburg. The primary goals of the center include improving the MRTE area's new universal cross-platform software environment. 50 engineers have been engaged in research, and by the end of year their number will...

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  • Visit from Spirent Communications

    21 July 2004 | Press Release

    Mike Bello, Director of Software (Abacus Product Line) of Spirent Communications, recently visited DataArt's new office during his business trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. He met with the DataArt developers working on telecom related projects and discussed specifics and necessary expertise in...

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