Telecom Insights
  • DataArt attends Russian Outsourcing Summit

    25 June 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt recently attended the Russian Outsourcing & Software Summit (ROSS-2004) held in St. Petersburg. For this conference, which attracted more than 450 participants from 26 countries, founders Fort-Ross Consortium coupled with LISA Forum Europe (Conference of the Localization Industry and Standardization...

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  • Strategy Workshop and meeting on the UK market held in New York

    24 June 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt's head of Project Management and key supporting manager of UK sales, Mr. Dmitry Bagrov, arrived at DataArt's corporate headquarters in New York. During his nine-day visit, he attended DataArts’s meeting on the UK market. Key managers supporting UK sales joined DataArt President Eugene Goland...

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  • DataArt meets with US Professors curious about Software Development in Russia

    24 June 2004 | Press Release

    William McHenry, an Information Systems Professor at the University of Akron in Akron Ohio (formerly of Georgetown University) and Erran Carmel, a Professor at the American University in Washington DC, met with two of DataArt's senior managers. Professor McHenry has been studying information...

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  • DataArt is officially recognized as Best Employer in St. Petersburg

    21 June 2004 | Press Release

    "Working for IT companies in St. Petersburg is great!" That was the participant consensus after the Russian Software Outsourcing Summit 2004, organized by FORT-ROSS consortium in St. Petersburg. DataArt won Best Employer nomination. ...

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  • DataArt attends TechJournal's DeckParty

    20 June 2004 | Press Release

    On May 20th, DataArt's North Carolina representative Michael Nabedrik attended TechJournal's yearly DeckParty at Research Triangle Park (RTP). The software companies in attendance made great social and business connections. There is some good competition within RTP, and we believe DataArt can hold...

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  • DataArt assigned Research and Refactoring project for Bonland Industries.

    17 June 2004 | Press Release

    On May 25th, Bonland Industries, a leading New Jersey based HVAC contractor, assigned a research and re-factoring project to DataArt. Bonland develops and operates a large suite of customized systems supporting various and unique business operations. The systems, based on Microsoft's .NET platform,...

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  • HL7 Output implemented for EMR.

    16 June 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt is implementing a new compatibility feature for the EMR system. While being able to accept HL7 (Health Level 7) messages from other systems, EMR wasn't able to produce outgoing HL7 messages, until now. HL7 capabilities are of great importance to the healthcare system because they allow automatic...

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  • Invitation to the US Software Market

    15 June 2004 | Media

    IT News It is necessary for all of us to support a true image of Russian companies for the Western market. Unfortunately, Western businesses frequently believe in the stereotype of the self-educated Russian hacker. In reality, the level of technical training for Russian experts is among the highest...

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  • DataArt calls Russian programmers to work in the American market

    1 June 2004 | Media

    Compulenta ( Russian software development companies received a document from DataArt outlining practical recommendations for promoting products and services in the United States and western Europe. Authors of the document also argue that Russian programmers can now compete with...

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  • American Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg.

    25 May 2004 | Press Release

    The American Chamber of commerce was in St. Petersburg for the General Membership Meeting on Thursday, May 20. The meeting was held at the first Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel, which has just opened at 4 Pochtamtskaya St. Welcoming remarks were given by Vladimir Polutin the Vice Chairman,...

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