Telecom Insights
  • The 2004 World Champions: St. Petersburg University of Information Technology, Mechanics & Optics!

    1 April 2004 | Press Release

    Many of DataArt's employees graduated from St. Petersburg University of Information Technology, Mechanics & Optics, and we are proud of them. From 3,150 teams selected from 1,411 universities in 75 countries competing at 127 sites and hundreds more competing at preliminary contests worldwide,...

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  • Go-cart Racing is New Hobby of IT Industry

    31 March 2004 | Media

    Internet.Ru On March, 31, The Cup for Go-cart Racing will take place. More than 20 IT companies have confirmed their participation in this tournament. The general information sponsor of the Cup is Dataart. Information support for the Cup is provided by, a leading...

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  • DataArt has signed a Software Development Contract.

    26 March 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt has signed a Software Development Contract with a leading preclinical research and drug evaluation company. DataArt will assist the Company in developing a comprehensive workflow package to support its day-to-day operations. The project will be another important case study of implementing complex...

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  • The first meeting of The DataArt Strategic Advisory Board.

    25 March 2004 | Press Release

    The DataArt Strategic Advisory Board has been formed to provide the Company with valuable strategic advice and insight from leading members of business, technology, industry and civic communities in the United States and Russian Federation. The decision was made to hold the first meeting of the advisory...

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  • DataArt took part in the Microsoft Partner Program seminar.

    22 March 2004 | Press Release

    On March 10, 2004, DataArt took part in the Microsoft Partner Program seminar of the Southwest region of the Russian Federation. The seminar consisted of several sessions devoted to various areas of the Microsoft Partner Program. At the session on marketing and sales, representatives of DataArt learned...

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  • Go-cart Racing is New Hobby of IT Industry

    17 March 2004 | Media

    CIO COMMUNITY ( "At the beginning of February the specialist offshore programming company DataArt held a one-day meeting in St. Petersburg. The meeting was dedicated to problems and trends in today's IT business and to the practicalities of outsourcing and interaction between Russian...

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  • Outsourcing: How Safe Is Your Job?

    10 March 2004 | Media

    Electronic Design ( Offshoring has turned into an industry - and political - hot button that's getting pushed with greater frequency. But at what cost to EEs? Download PDF ...

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  • DataArt attends the Fort-Ross seminar on virtual team management.

    9 March 2004 | Press Release

    The experience of partner projects in which the partners' fields of competence are divided was discussed at the recent seminar. DataArt talked about its relationships with Fors SPB and Octet using this conception. Dataart was also very pleased to become acquainted with Antares Software Company from...

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  • DataArt attends the Fort Ross QAI Chapter.

    6 March 2004 | Press Release

    Conference attendees were familiarized with Motorola's proposition to contract consulting and certification services for CMM/CMMI. The arguments were very convincing regarding the benefits of ties between local consultants and American assessors concerning the propositions of small European and Indian...

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  • Web Resources - A new section on the DataArt web site.

    5 March 2004 | Press Release

    The Web Resources section mainly contains links to resources sent by fellow workers. Everyone has their favorite resources and so we decided to collect these and make them available. Included in this section are references to useful work resources, as well as popular links to visit in your free time...

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