Telecom Insights
  • Global Technology Forum held in Saint Petersburg

    5 February 2004 | Media

    REGNUM ( "A one-day programmers' forum has been held in Saint Petersburg- the first Global Technology Forum, reports the REGNUM-NEWS SPb correspondent. The event was organised by DataArt and the CIO Collective. The forum aimed to cover worldwide trends for the usage of information...

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  • Overtaking India

    4 February 2004 | Media

    Information agency "Rosbalt" ( You would have to be almost totally technologically out of it these days not to know that India is the world's leader in Internet Technology (IT) development. Thus, in 2002, India exported software products worth between USD 7.6 billion and 8.2 billion...

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  • DataArt Invites CIOs to Share Knowledge with Russian Software Outsourcing Companies

    4 February 2004 | Press Release

    On February 4, 2004, in St. Petersburg, Russia, American CIOs will talk about their experience with representatives of Russian companies. Invited by DataArt, Stuart Robbins, the executive director of CIO Collective and a key technology thought leader in America's premier CIO community, is a featured...

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  • DataArt and CIO Collective hold Technology Leadership Forum.

    4 February 2004 | Press Release

    The Technology Leadership Forum was recently held in the Grand Hotel Europe. The principle speakers included Stuart Robbins, Valentin Makarov, Andrey Narvsky, and Eugene Goland. Loretta W. Prencipe conducted the question/answer period that followed. More than 100 attendees, representing various areas...

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  • Global Technology Forum

    3 February 2004 | Media

    WebPlanet ( ..."A press conference dedicated to the first Global Technology Forum is to be held in Saint Petersburg. The forum will cover key questions relating to outsourcing and the development of offshore programming, and will also pursue the aim of setting up business contacts...

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  • Where do Russian programmers make their money

    2 February 2004 | Media

    Newspaper "Economy and Time" #4 (491) A Global Technology Forum is to take place in Saint Petersburg. The main goal of the forum is to evaluate the state and prospects of the expert programming market in Russia. "The professionalism and high qualifications of IT specialists represent one...

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  • Global Technology Forum to be held for the first time in St. Petersburg February 4th, 2004

    28 January 2004 | Media

    ABNews ( The first Global Technology Forum, dedicated to questions regarding outsourcing and the development of offshore programming, will take place in Saint Petersburg on February 4th with the participation of Stuart Robbins, executive director of the CIO Collective (Chief Information...

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  • DataArt Expert Team.

    28 January 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt is forming an internal group of experts to deal with the latest developments in technology, frameworks, tools, and software development processes. The objectives of this dedicated team include consulting, cooperating with journalists and contributing to various IT magazines and newspapers....

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  • DataArt, a Custom Software Development Company, forms Strategic Partnership with RatchetSoft

    26 January 2004 | Press Release

    DataArt and RatchetSoft enter into a strategic partnership to promote the concept of Service Oriented Mass Customization. DataArt, a custom software development company from Russia, continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to delivering cutting edge Microsoft-based solutions and addressing...

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  • DataArt specialists to go to UK to set up shared vision for upcoming project.

    15 January 2004 | Press Release

    A group of DataArt specialists is going to the UK for a series of meetings with one of our clients. The main goal is to set up a shared vision for an upcoming project, discuss the technological details of the future system, and establish a working relationship with the client's IT department. ...

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