Telecom Insights
  • The Next Java User Group Meeting (JUG)

    3 December 2003 | Press Release

    Today the date of the next Java User Group (JUG) meeting was set for December 27. Leading DataArt Java developers are usually active participants in the JUG meetings. However, the path from the work place to the conference is a relatively easy one, since these meetings are also held in the same building...

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  • Does India have competition in the off-shore outsourcing business?

    6 November 2003 | Press Release

    The Golden Age of Russian Offshore Outsourcing is coming. Most Russian offshore outsourcing companies have doubled in growth in the last two quarters. And for the first time since the IT boom in Russia, new economic stability brought by the Putin administration is keeping Russian brain power back home...

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  • First in series of Inter-Corporate Conferences held.

    6 November 2003 | Press Release

    This inaugural session included colorful presentations made by four directors of the company and the introduction of the new employee stock option benefit. Project Coordinators presented their teams and current projects. The conference ended with a speech from DataArt's Advisor Mark Minevich,...

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  • Additional high-speed channel launched.

    30 October 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt has launched an additional high-speed channel with a capacity of up to 10 Mb/sec. Due to the fact that our company is quite spread out (New York, Silicon Valley, London, and two major development centers in St. Petersburg), high-speed communication between departments is an obvious necessity...

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  • Corporate membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg.

    28 October 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt has now become a full corporate member of the American Chamber of Commerce St. Petersburg. The core mission of AmCham St. Petersburg is to promote favorable conditions for investment and trade in Northwest Russia. AmCham works toward this goal by endorsing solutions to trade and investment...

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  • DataArt UK becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner.

    24 October 2003 | Press Release

    Our UK partner, DataArt Technologies UK Limited, has recently become an official Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP). This relationship highlights the commitment that DataArt has towards Microsoft's technologies and the level of support that Microsoft will provide to our UK-based activities. As part...

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  • Sun Microsystems Inc. and Lynx BCC hold Sun Day in St. Petersburg.

    23 October 2003 | Press Release

    On October 23rd, Sun Microsystems Inc. and Lynx BCC held another Sun Day in St. Petersburg. The program included reports from Sun Microsystems and Oracle representatives. The main focus of the event was on data storage and organizing it properly. Sun introduced its Sun #1 system and Oracle Database...

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  • Continued improvement of Experience and Unique Skills.

    22 October 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt continues to improve the experience and unique skills of its developers by combining conventional technology with professionalism in the latest advances. In addition to the Educational Program, DataArt has launched a Knowledge Database of employees' skills for technological hints and tips....

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  • Partnership Agreement with Oracle Certified Advantage Partner.

    21 October 2003 | Press Release

    In order to expand business and lower costs, DataArt signed a partnership agreement with FORS-Holding, an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner based in St. Petersburg. We're looking forward to delivering quality solutions to the Oracle marketplace and building a strong and fruitful collaboration with...

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  • Java department continues growth.

    15 October 2003 | Press Release

    We are proud to say that DataArt's Java department continues to grow. Because the intensive increases in personnel are expected to continue, the Java department's working area will be doubled. The corresponding contract with the "Farvater" ("Fairway") business center was signed today. The additional...

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