Telecom Insights
  • Major Client visits St. Petersburg.

    13 October 2003 | Press Release

    One of DataArt's major clients visited the St. Petersburg office and met with the local management group and developers for an on-site discussion of ongoing and upcoming projects. The results from this first meeting are most encouraging. ...

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  • Software Developers being Hired.

    9 October 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt is growing, proof of which can be seen in the active staff recruitment over the last year. There are some open vacancies for Microsoft .NET developers, Java developers, and QA engineers. Just today the position for a Java/Oracle developer opened. DataArt will continue hiring to sustain company...

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  • DataArt partners with Russian video-gaming companies.

    7 October 2003 | Press Release

    As a part of its corporate partnership program, DataArt established relations with two Russian video-gaming companies. Their business model facilitates working with remote producers and directors, or as a part of a larger production team. The companies take pride in an impeccable record of delivering...

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  • C++ professionals being hired.

    3 October 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt is hiring C++ professionals. In order to evaluate candidates, a sophisticated new test was developed by our senior developers. ...

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  • Technology: Markets have different tastes: Java for Europe, .NET for USA

    1 October 2003 | Press Release

    When DataArt made the decision to specialize in the Microsoft .NET platform more then three years ago, nobody thought that numerous British customers would prefer Java over .NET. Two years later, DataArt's Java department is moving to a new office because it has outgrown its physical space. DataArt...

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  • Customer Relationship Initiative.

    30 September 2003 | Press Release

    The new customer relationship initiative program, along with the new customer relationship manager, will provide independent customer feedback to DataArt on all important projects. The customer relationship manager is responsible for regular meetings and/or calls with key customers. We strongly believe...

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  • Membership in Technology Leadership Council of NY/NJ.

    26 September 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt has been chosen to be a member of the organizing committee and a technology partner for this exclusive c-level CIO event presented by the Technology Leadership Council of NY/NJ. ...

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  • Development of Network Connection Pricing System.

    22 September 2003 | Press Release

    DataArt is currently supporting the development of a network connection pricing system. Today the company successfully finished expanding the system's functionality by adding multi-user capabilities to the platform that has been only single-user before. Further steps include plans for migration to...

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  • Great Show at TECHXNY.

    19 September 2003 | Press Release

    TECNXNY EXPO 2003 is over and DataArt wishes to express its gratitude to everyone who visited our stand during the Show. We had a wonderful time. ...

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  • Java department gets new office.

    18 September 2003 | Press Release

    Today is a special day in DataArt's history. The Representative Office in St. Petersburg opened a second location. All the organizational and repair work is finished so the Java department can move there in the near future. This new office allows DataArt to hire additional specialists and make the...

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