Telecom Insights
  • Why Data Management Review Is Vital For Enterprise Health

    8 March 2016 | UK | Media

    Michael Lazar, head of the Telecom Practice at DataArt, authors an article on enterprise data management for Enterprise Mobility Exchange. Against the backdrop of the FBI vs. Apple case and a ransomware attack on a U.S. hospital, Lazar proposes four key steps for enterprises to ensure that robust data management policies are in place.

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  • DataArt Rolls-Out All New High-Performance ‘Dedicated Telecom Practice’

    19 February 2016 | USA | Media

    CIO Review picks up the news of the dedicated Telecom Practice launch by DataArt, highlighting its focused offerings, the telecom market conditions and looking ahead at the upcoming exhibition at Mobile World Congress. Eugene Goland, President of DataArt and Michael Lazar, Head of its Telecom Practice, comment on the launch.

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  • DataArt to Exhibit at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona

    18 February 2016 | Barcelona, Spain | Press Release

    New York – February 18, 2016 – DataArt will once again join its IoT partner Canonical at Mobile World Congress, the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry on February 22-25, 2016 to demonstrate enterprise IoT, big data, system integration and scalability solutions. DataArt will showcase...

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  • DataArt Launches Dedicated Telecom Practice

    17 February 2016 | USA | Press Release

    New York and London, February 17, 2016 – DataArt, a global technology consulting firm that creates end-to-end solutions for enterprise clients in select industries, today announced the launch of a dedicated Telecom Practice, which will focus on building high-performance, cost-effective, scalable, secure...

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  • The Four Big Trends in the Communications Marketplace for 2016

    29 January 2016 | USA | Media

    Forbes looks ahead at communications trends in 2016, listing a few key market players to watch for. DataArt is highlighted as a firm that adjusted its business model to provide consulting within specific vertical markets and is at the forefront of integrating open source technologies into its solutions.

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  • Ground control to Major TomTom: EU roaming’s free, so you really don’t make the grade

    7 January 2016 | UK | Media

    Following a recent ban on data roaming charges by the European Parliament, Dmitry Bagrov shares his observations of the effects on consumers as well as various service providers with Vanilla +. As navigation and other location based and voice control services that rely on data connection, become free, bringing victory to consumers and providers of these free mobile services, some will have to pay the price.

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  • DataArt Makes 2016 Predictions for Enterprise Software Trends

    9 December 2015 | USA | Press Release

    Personalization, smart data- and IoT-enabled solutions will drive businesses across all vertical markets to deliver optimal customer experiences December, 9, 2015 – New York, NY –  Banking digitization, customized financial solutions for  millennials, personalization and IoT-enabled travel solutions,...

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  • TADSummit 2015 – Dangerous Demos

    26 November 2015 | Blog

    What is a “Dangerous Demo”? Using technologies in a disruptive ways is one example. During the Telecom Application Developer Summit (TADS) in Lisbon, we took on the challenge of creating a functional Telecom application that performed automatic scaling to handle millions of simulated users...

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  • Alexei Miller to Speak at the IT Round Table with Executives from Ukraine's IT Software Industry

    30 September 2015 | Press Release

    At the invitation of the Ukrainian Institute of America (UIA), Alexei Miller, a Managing Partner at DataArt, will join a panel of industry leaders at a special networking event "IT Round Table with Executives from Ukraine's IT Software Industry.” The event will be moderated by Adrian...

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  • Time to strike back at cyber criminals

    1 September 2015 | UK | Media

    Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Partner at DataArt UK, comments for the Times special report on fighting digital fraud, whose latest victim, UK’s Carphone Warehouse, had 2.4 million accounts compromised. If there is a common denominator in every data breach, it is the claim by victims that the attack...

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