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DataArt to Contribute to Telestax’s Next Generation Communications Development Platform

25 April 2016 | UK |

Telecom Engine runs a story on DataArt partnering with Telestax, a leading open source communications company, which enables telecoms and enterprises to create elastic deployment environments for communication applications.

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Productivity and Legacy IT Architectures...

24 April 2016 | UK | Finance

Management Services Journal offers insight from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, as he discusses technology approaches for overcoming legacy IT architectures issues, and discusses their cultural and organizational implications.

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Cyber Security: How Can We Turn the Corner?

15 April 2016 | UK | Finance

Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, contributes an article to Dell’s Tech Page One ​where he discusses cyber security as an essential backbone of customer trust, vital for the businesses’ very existence. Moyce points what can be learned from the famous data breaches, and emphasizes the importance of a multi-level approach to security, where education and culture change play the central part.

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What Will Health Tech Mean for Ordinary People in 2026?

14 April 2016 | UK | Healthcare & Life Sciences

IDG Connect consulted a panel of 17 industry thought leaders to find out what factors will define health technology and how it will transform health for ordinary people by 2026. Roman Chernyshev, Senior VP, Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, looks at the transformational potential of advanced analytics for diagnosing medical conditions.

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Is Virtual Reality the Ultimate Sword of Damocles?

14 April 2016 | UK | Other Industries

Huffpost Tech UK welcomes Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, as a regular contributor to its blog. The first article looks into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies as they make their way into all aspects of our lives, from sex and love, to education, work and family life.

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Contactless Payments Puts Purchase Power at Your Fingertips

10 April 2016 | USA | Finance

Bankless Times features a guest post Vasily Bernshteyn, the payment systems expert at DataArt, and Steve Pscheid, Head of Munich office, who provide an overview of contactless payment technologies that promises increased speed and convenience, making payments seamless.

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Are Buy-Side Firms Big on Big Data?

6 April 2016 | USA | Finance

In this special guest feature for insideBIGDATA, Alexey Utkin, SVP of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, discusses how buy-side financial services firms are utilizing big data.

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2016 – The Year Healthcare Took Mobile Technology Seriously

1 April 2016 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Mobile Marketing and Technology features an article by Daniel Piekarz, Head of Healthcare and Life Science Practice at DataArt, as he examines the use and implications of mobile technology in the healthcare industry as well as barriers to its adoption.

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The Art and Science of Solution Design Part 3 of 4: Human Engineering​

29 March 2016 | USA | Travel & Hospitality

Hospitality Net runs the third article on solution design by Greg Abbott, head of the Travel Practice at DataArt, as he explores the human engineering aspect of solution design and its critical role in the success of all development projects.

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Why Your Business Needs to Take IT Security Seriously

22 March 2016 | UK | Finance

King of Servers puts the spotlight on cyber security and offers commentary from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, on the effectiveness of punishments in improving compliance with cyber security policies.

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