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2016 Travel Trends

8 December 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

As 2015 draws to a close, DataArt continues its tradition of issuing industry predictions for the upcoming year. Greg Abbott, head of DataArt’s Travel and Hospitality practice, takes a closer look at what we are to expect in 2016. Among key trends: massive consolidation in the industry; “verticalization” of the travel supply chain, the rise of alternative lodging and personalization of services.

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What Will be the Single Biggest Security Threat of 2016?

8 December 2015 | UK | Finance

IDG Connect conducted a straw poll of IT industry leaders, asking them what the single biggest security threat of next year will be. Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Financial Services Practice at DataArt, thinks it’s companies’ own staff. Interestingly, the majority of experts lists people, not technology, as the biggest risk.

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One year on: Apache Spark Continues a Winning Battle Against Data Management Misery

7 December 2015 | UK | IoT/M2M

By Artyom Astafurov In his first contribution to Compare the Cloud, Artyom Astafurov, Senior VP of IoT/M2M at DataArt, urges the readers to “take a deep breath and herald the arrival of Apache Spark – the missing link in data management set to make all our lives easier.” Following the...

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2016: Year of the Consumer for Fintech - DataArt

7 December 2015 | UK | Finance

In a commentary for WealthBriefing, Alexei Miller, head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt,highlights the focus on customer experience and expectations as the driving trend in fintech for 2016. Technology is to take center stage in a competitive battle to deliver most convenient digital service.

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DataArt predicts that 2016 will be the “Year of the Consumer” for financial technology

4 December 2015 | UK | Finance

Bobsguide features a list of 2016 technology trends for the financial services industry as outlined by Alexei Miller, managing partner at DataArt. Among the key drivers of the financial technology sector will be customer demands on the banking industry, driving the development of digital platforms. 2016 will also be the year in which many financial sector firms will be scrambling to meet deadlines for new financial compliance measures, leading to a new business culture and behavioral trading becoming a leading trend.

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IT Outsourcing Projections for 2016 Bring Pros, Cons

2 December 2015 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Daniel Piekarz, the Head of DataArt’s Healthcare Practice provides commentary to HealthcareDive on IT outsourcing as a strategy in the healthcare industry. Piekarz sees the promise of outsourcing in solving the industry’s key challenges: increased efficiency, improved quality of service and reduction of costs.

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What Should CIOs Ask Santa For This Christmas?

27 November 2015 | UK |

In a whimsical annual round-up, TechWeek Europe asked technology executives what they’d like to ask Santa for Christmas. While opinions varied, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing partner of DataArt UK put it succinctly: "Dmitry Bagrov, MD UK of global technology consulting firm,...

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DataArt Wins Top Honor at Data Management Review Awards

24 November 2015 | UK | Finance

IoT Evolution picks up the news of DataArt winning “The Best Regulatory Application” award in London and proclaims the company "a top of the line financial data management firm." "In the world of financial data management, DataArt is top dog. It recently received...

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The Friday Interview: Roman Chernyshev, SVP Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt

13 November 2015 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

For their weekly interview, Pixel Health caught up with Roman Chernyshev, Senior Vice President – Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, to discuss the future of technology in the world of health and how data can unlock the potential for vastly improved services. “What’s coming...

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Who's to blame for a data breach?

12 November 2015 | UK | Finance

By Sooraj Shah Following a recent security breach at JPMorgan Chase, UK’s Computing magazine states that it’s "no longer a shock when a huge company is hit by a crippling cyber-attack.” To find out who should carry the blame for a data breach – and how the issue should be addressed...

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