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Who's to blame for a data breach?

12 November 2015 | UK | Finance

By Sooraj Shah Following a recent security breach at JPMorgan Chase, UK’s Computing magazine states that it’s "no longer a shock when a huge company is hit by a crippling cyber-attack.” To find out who should carry the blame for a data breach – and how the issue should be addressed...

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Unicredit Appathon 2015: 18.000 Euro für Private-Banking-, Teenager- und Commodity-Apps

10 November 2015 | Germany | Finance

Germany’s IT Finanz Magazine covers the Unicredit Apathon 2015, sponsored by DataArt, that took place in Munich. "Munich welcomed 17 teams to the HypoVereinsbank HVB Forum. Within 24 hours the German Appathon participants developed - at the same time with the teams in Austria and...

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DataArt Round Table Discusses the Implications of Innovation

9 November 2015 | UK | Finance

A-Team Group attends a round table hosted by DataArt in London, and offers an insightful recap of the evening that was dedicated to disruptive technologies in the financial services sector. "Financial services firms need to innovate to meet changing client expectations, but will innovation...

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Are bankers just rearranging deckchairs?

6 November 2015 | UK | Finance

Chris Skinner, the moderator of DataArt’s round table on disruptive technologies in the financial sector that took place in London on November 4, shares some takeaways from the evening. "The theme of the meeting was whether the financial industry is being transformed by technology...

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How healthcare clients are utilising wearables to track patient health information

6 November 2015 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

By Daniel Piekarz Daniel Piekarz, VP of Business Development, Life Sciences at DatArt, authors an article on how wearable devices and sensors are transforming the healthcare industry. "We are still in the early stages of how healthcare is managed and wearables combined with mHealth applications...

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DataArt provides QA consulting to Credorax

27 October 2015 | UK | Finance

PaymentEye, the foremost global news intelligence tool in the payments sector, picked up the news of DataArt partnering with Credorax, a global digital merchant acquiring bank, to help implement "recent go-live implementation of ePower 2.0, the company’s proprietary single, unified and automated...

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Op risk experts question banks' cyber strategy

15 October 2015 | USA | Finance

By Steve Marlin As October is a designated National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the U.S., runs a feature story on banks’ cyber strategy. Speaking with experts from the field, the article explores various aspects of operational risks in financial institutions, from flawed technology...

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Safe Harbor Ruling Leaves Data Center Operators in Ambiguity

9 October 2015 | UK | Cloud Computing

By Yevgeniy Sverdlik The Safe Harbor agreement that provided a legal framework for the commercial movement of personal data between EU and US in compliance with European privacy laws, was annulled by the European Court of Justice, causing a lot of uncertainty for American companies. DataCenter Knowledge...

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The Road to HIPAA Compliance

7 October 2015 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Egor Kobelev, VP of Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt, shares his thoughts on the steps that companies need to take to be  HIPAA compliant, noting that only a few challenges are technology related.  “HIPAA compliance implementation is not a straightforward exercise,...

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Resonance FM

30 September 2015 | UK | Mobile Solutions Embedded

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, talks to Peter Warren of Password, a program about current affairs and new technology on UK’s Resonance FM radio, where he discusses the new film Steve Jobs and shares his opinion on where the iPad and Apple iWatch are taking us. Segment...

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