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RBS’s Tech Wake-up Call to Banks

18 June 2015 | UK | Finance

By Emma Dunkley The front page of London's Financial Times reports on an embarrassing glitch in Royal Bank of Scotland's IT system, which stalled payment transactions of some 600,000 customers. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, commented for the story. “RBS said previously...

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Travolution — Travel brands benefit from partnering tech firms, DataArt question time hears

12 June 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

Travolution, UK's leading news source on travel & hospitality, reports on the third annual DataArt Question Time event in London, co-produced with Tnooz, titled "IoT in Travel: What's Ahead". Big travel brands like Tui are “happy to partner with smaller companies” when it comes to developing technology...

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Internet of Things yet to embrace individuals in travel

12 June 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality IoT/M2M

Travolution further discusses the Internet of Things (IoT) in travel, following the QT event hosted by DataArt and Tnooz in London. The question of sharing personal data of an individual traveler raised a heated discussion, as panelists discussed how access to it is at once a necessity and an obstacle...

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The Internet of Things in Travel – Great With Machines, Less so With People

8 June 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality IoT/M2M

Tnooz, the leading UK travel publication, covers DataArt’s Question Time panel, “IoT in Travel”, the third annual event, it produced in conjunction with Tnooz in London. “As things stand, the internet of things (IoT) in a travel context is all about B2B operations, with the jury is still...

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The Business Travel News — Internet of Things

8 June 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality IoT/M2M

The Business Travel News highlights key points from a round table discussion on IoT in travel hosted by DataArt in London. “DataArt, a major IT provider to the travel industry, hosted a briefing last week to discuss ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT). Moderated by Kevin May, Founder...

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Lack of data sharing between firms is holding back development in online travel

5 June 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

Travolution addresses the issue of big companies wanting to ‘own the customer’ and thus standing in the way of the sharing of travel customer data, citing the discussion at the third annual DataArt Question Time event in London. “This problem is holding back development,...

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Wearable Technology: The True Face of the IoT

18 May 2015 | USA | IoT/M2M

By Ken Briodagh   "Wearable tech is the first and most intimate way that most consumers are going to intersect with the IoT, at least at the beginning, writes IoT Evolution, citing expert opinion by DataArt. "Igor Kozhurenko, Product Strategist at DataArt, a technology...

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Dark Arts: Why some OTAs fool hotels with fake prices

12 May 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

Tnooz speaks with Roman Peskin, VP of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, about rates scraping malgorithms and counter-intelligent efforts in the sector. “It’s well known that major hotel chains routinely check the rates being offered for their properties through online travel agencies (OTAs)...

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Ubuntu jumps into Internet of Things with Acer, GE, and Microsoft

11 May 2015 | USA | IoT/M2M

by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols ZDNet reports on the recently announced partnership among Canonical, Microsoft, DataArt and Acer. "Old enemies are becoming new allies as technology shifts from the PC/desktop model to first mobile computing and now the Internet of Things (IoT). Canonical, Ubuntu...

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How Can Media and Brands Make Money with the Apple Watch?

11 May 2015 | USA | Media & Entertainment IoT/M2M

DataArt offers commentary on the recently released Apple Watch, offering some controversy to the discussion. "The Apple Watch: we’ve all seen it and read about it. Some of us may have friends who already own one because they just HAVE to be the coolest kid on the block. The...

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