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Flexibility crucial in attracting millennials

30 September 2015 | UK | Finance

By Jane Bird In a special report on millennials, the Financial Times speaks with one of DataArt's project managers in London and discovers that the company is a visionary employer attracting the best young talent thanks to its flexible schedules and challenging projects, much valued by young professionals...

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Touring Egypt in August – Are you mad?

28 September 2015 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

By Charlotte Lamp Davies, DataArt Charlotte Lamp Davies, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, shares with TTG media her experience of touring Egypt. Her journey lies through Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurgada, exploring the mystery of the Great Pyramids, the unique setting...

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Google Just Upended Hotel Distribution

25 September 2015 | USA | Travel & Hospitality

By Greg Abbott, DataArt With search engines becoming powerful distribution channels, Google is moving into the hotel booking space. In an article published by Hospitality Net, Greg Abbott, head of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, explores four initiatives launched by Google that expand its influence...

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Wall Street Vs. Silicon Valley

11 September 2015 | USA | Finance

By Galen Stops Galen Stops of Profit & Loss observes financial technology startups of Silicon Valley challenging the rule of established banks of Wall Street in both retail and investment banking. Alexei Miller, head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, takes the edge off the potential...

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The global capital markets are highly vulnerable to cyber attack…and Greece could be the warm-up

2 September 2015 | UK | Finance

By John Edge, DataArt In a post to Digital Forensics Magazine blog, John Edge, an advisor at DataArt, expresses his concern for the future of global capital markets. The ever increasing sophistication of cyber attacks and the security flaws of current technologies governing capital markets pose a real...

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Time to strike back at cyber criminals

1 September 2015 | UK |

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Partner at DataArt UK, comments for the Times special report on fighting digital fraud, whose latest victim, UK’s Carphone Warehouse, had 2.4 million accounts compromised. If there is a common denominator in every data breach, it is the claim by victims that the attack...

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ITV interviews Alexey Utkin on a recent tech glitch at HSBC

30 August 2015 | UK | Finance

Alexey Utkin, head of the Financial Services practice at DataArt UK, was interviewed by Chris Choi of ITV, UK’s premier news channel with 10 million viewers, on a recent tech glitch at HSBC. In his commentary, Alexey stresses the necessity of continuous investmenta into banking IT systems. Download...

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History of cashless payments

7 August 2015 | UK | Finance

By Vasily Bernstein, DataArt Vasily Bernstein, Payments Systems Expert at DataArt, goes back to the beginnings of the cashless payments, and shares his expertise with Vanilla +. From the Age of Discovery to check books and mobile payments, he traces the reasons for and explains the mechanisms...

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Exclusive: Visa application portal closed following SC Magazine investigation

21 July 2015 | UK | Finance

By Davey Winder After The Guardian broke the story of the security breach in VFS Global, SC Magazine UK investigated further, and discovered that the issue remained unsolved several days later. Based on the input from Alexey Utkin of DataArt UK and its own research, forced the visa...

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Serious flaw allowed security bypass on Italian visa site

20 July 2015 | UK | Finance

By Tom Reeve SC Magazine UK picked up the news, reported by The Guardian last week, of “a serious flaw in an online form left personal data of applicants for Italian visas exposed.” The story provides the gist of the incident and cites Dmitry Bagrov and Alexey Utkin of DataArt UK. “As...

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