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skyscanner Boosts Mobile, Customization Capabilities

26 November 2014 | USA | Travel & Hospitality

By Mike O'Brien Search Engine Watch reports on new offerings and features from skyscanner for Business, which were implemented in concert with DataArt. “Global travel search engine skyscanner's advanced new version of its white label business product now includes more mobile device support...

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Will Ukraine-Russia’s Political Turmoil Boost the Region’s Outsourcing Economics?

24 November 2014 | USA |

By Bianca Wright Nearshore Americas discusses the impact of political turmoil on the economics of Russia and Ukraine as outsourcing destinations, and offers insight from Alexei Miller, Managing Director at DataArt. “Alexei Miller, Managing Director at DataArt, a custom software development partner...

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DataArt steps in for skyscanner white label assistance

7 November 2014 | UK | Travel & Hospitality

Tnooz includes the news of DataArt and skyscanner partnership in its roundup of product news and announcements for travel systems in hospitality for November 2014. “The software development service will help skyscanner for Business, the B2B wing of the UK-based metasearch engine, streamline the 18-month-old...

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Could cloud-based EHRs have detected Ebola?

6 November 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

MedCityNews spoke with Daniel Piekarz, VP of Business Development, Life Sciences at DataArt, about how cloud-based SaaS EHR systems could benefit many hospitals operations. “Scores of EHR companies are going forward with the cloud-based approach, among them athenahealth,...

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Internet of Things. Automotive as a Microcosm of IoT

27 October 2014 | USA | IoT/M2M

The Application Developers Alliance issued a white paper on IoT in the automotive industry, providing insight from executives at key companies that are pushing the field forward, including DataArt. Download the paper to learn about IoT standards, technologies, opportunities, and implications for the...

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Convergence In The Internet Of Things Is Priming The Tech World For A Major Cultural Shift

18 October 2014 | USA | IoT/M2M

By Artyom Astafurov Artyom Astafurov, head of DataArt’s IoT/M2M practice analyzes the history of the field and shares his thoughts on how the convergence of IoT and M2M will affect the industry and our lives at large. “To anyone who is tuned into the tech world, it should not come as earth shattering...

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Pitfalls for Insurance Claims Processing

8 October 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Egor Kobelev, Software Delivery Manager at DataArt, discusses the challenges in insurance claims processing and ways to solve them. “As of today, different sources report that up to 75% of claims are electronic, with the vast majority following the EDI X12standard. Seems pretty good at first glance,...

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Big Analytics Redefines Enterprise Decision Making

8 October 2014 | USA | Finance

By Joe McKendrick Oleg Komissarov, Senior VP at DataArt New York, and Alexey Utkin, financial services practice leader at DataArt London, offer their opinion on evolving Business Intelligence tools, specifically mobile and Cloud BI, and their impact on analytics in general. “The field of business...

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DataArt Invests in M2M and IoT

8 October 2014 | USA | IoT/M2M

Connected World highlights DataArt as one of the companies “jumping on the bandwagon” of IoT “with its new M2M practice.” “.. Because the industry is expected to grow exponentially within the next several years, DataArt hopes to meet the demands of the burgeoning marketplace by helping clients harness...

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DataArt Launches Consulting Firm for Internet of Things

8 October 2014 | USA | IoT/M2M

“DataArt, a provider of custom software solutions, has launched a consulting practice focused on development and experimentation for M2M (machine to machine)/Internet of Things (IoT). The firm is dedicated to help businesses and professionals in a variety of industries such as healthcare, logistics,...

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