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Adobe's Open Source Tightrope Walk

19 April 2014 | USA | Other Industries

By Jack M. Germain Linux Insider looks at different sides of Adobe's open source initiatives to assist and grow the developer community, and offers the opinion of Igor Uzhviev of DataArt. "It is much easier for small organizations to go with open source than it is for big companies. Usually...

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DataArt to open consultancy business

11 April 2014 | USA | Finance

“DataArt, a New York-based financial software provider, plans to hire in its NY and London offices in preparation of a jump into the consultancy side of financial technology, according to Alexei Miller, executive vice president. DataArt will be covering design, business analysis, data-driven feature...

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DataArt Posts Results of Orange [Food and Beverage Close - Up]

2 April 2014 | USA |

“DataArt, a custom software development company that builds solutions for select industries, announced the initial results of DataArt Orange, a series of research and development projects that aim to automate the tracking of users' nutrition habits. According to a release, the DataArt Orange program...

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First came face recognition, now there's food recognition-for calorie counting

31 March 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

FierceBigData picks up the announce of DataArt ORANGE, and enthusiastically endorses the company’s R&D initiatives in technologies that support a healthy life style. “.. what we really want to do is count calories without actually counting them or typing a bunch of questionable numbers...

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Software development company throws its hat in the ring to try to passively track nutrition

28 March 2014 | USA | Healthcare & Life Sciences

Following DataArt’s announcement of DataArt ORANGE, MedCity News speaks with Eugene Goland about the role of automated food recognition and computer vision in nutrition tracking and healthy lifestyle. Of all the biometric data that health wearables and mobile apps can track, from miles...

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Question Time 2014 – Personalisation of Big Data

21 March 2014 | UK | IoT/M2M

“DataArt and Tnooz are collaborating once again to host a FREE Question Time panel event in London on Tuesday 29 April 2014.A group on experts will debate the next wave of techniques and trends involving Big Data and personalisation in the travel industry, giving attendees the chance to not only learn...

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Regulatory Compliance Driving Data Management for Some Companies

13 March 2014 | USA | Finance

Following recent commentary by DataArt’s Alexey Utkin (London) and Oleg Komissarov (New York) for FierceFinanceIT, ITBusinessAge assesses the challenges faced by buy-side companies when it comes to data aggregation and compliance reporting. “You would think Big Data would be important to...

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Spurred by regulations, data management and integration remains top buy-side concern

11 March 2014 | USA | Finance

by Renee Caruthers DataArt’s Oleg Komissarov in New York and Alexey Utkin in London provide exclusive commentary to FierceFinanceIT for the story on data management and regulations facing asset managers. “Despite the hype around mobile computing and big data, the issues of data integration appear...

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BNY Mellon Highlights Investment Risk Process

28 February 2014 | USA | Finance

Fundfire discusses various options of mitigating risks in the investment process, sighting expert opinion of Alexei Miller, Executive VP at DataArt, who stresses the importance of data visualization in making data more interactive and easier accessible by fund managers. “As risk management strategies...

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The Emergence of Data Visualization

21 February 2014 | USA | Finance

Oleg Komissarov, Senior Vice President at DataArt, discusses the emergence of data visualization applications with Global Custodian, the leading magazine covering the international securities services business. View original article....

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