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DataArt and MMB Networks Collaborate to Create On-Demand Utilities Response Program

8 May 2013 |

Transmission & Distribution World picked up the news of DataArt collaborating with MMB Networks to create a smart energy gateway for utility customers. “DeviceHive, DataArt’s open-source cloud-based Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication framework, bundled with MMB Networks’ ZigBee modules, were...

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Twitter Hoax Shows Growth in Algorithmic Trading

6 May 2013 | Finance

By Geoffrey Rogow Wall Street Journal wonders who might have been behind the April 2013 hoax-driven “tweet crash” which sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average into a short-lived 145-point plunge. If it wasn’t driven by a major high-speed trading outfit, then by whom? Alexei Miller, Executive VP at...

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Harnessing WinRT APIs

25 April 2013 |

By John Moore Digital Innovation Gazette discusses WinRT API, an API set that provides a framework for Windows 8 and Windows RT applications, and turns to Ilya Kretov of DataArt for expert opinion. “There are several things that are significant for WinRT API,” says Ilya Kretov, delivery manager and...

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Mobile ROI Hard To Quantify For Financial Firms

5 April 2013 | Finance

By Jake Thomases At a debate on the impact of consumer technology in the financial services industry, four mobile specialists expressed their opinions on what has been overhyped and what's been underhyped. Mobile innovations are almost never a direct driver of business, OpenFin CEO Mazy Dar explained...

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New Paths to Data Integration: Taming Big Data Helps Address Lingering Issues

27 March 2013 |

By Joe McKendrick Data keeps growing, systems and servers keep sprawling, and users keep clamoring for more real-time access. The result of all this frenzy of activity is pressure for faster, more effective data integration that can deliver more expansive views of information, while still maintaining...

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Lack of enterprise Windows 8 app development tools complicates upgrades

21 March 2013 |

By Diana Hwang In the second part of the story on collaboration tools in TechTarget, Alexei Miller speaks about the future of Windows 8 applications for enterprises and discusses a recently completed mobile social search network app. “DataArt, a custom software development firm in New York that...

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Microsoft plays up new Office collaboration tools to boost Windows 8

19 March 2013 |

By Diana Hwang Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt, shares his expert opinion on the future of office collaboration software and tools with SeachEnterpriseDesktop (TechTarget). ”I'm not worried about large enterprises. ... They will roll over to Windows 8 years from now," said Alexei...

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Marrying an IT vendor: A Dating Guide for Startups

8 March 2013 | Travel & Hospitality

By Dmitry Yakovlev Dmitry Yakovlev, VP & Software Architect at DataArt, shares his thoughts on achieving a harmonious partnership between a start-up and an IT vendor. The five key points for starts-ups to consider when looking for a provider include hiring a CTO (but not letting him/her dictate...

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HFT Demise as the Precursor to Changes in the Markets Landscape

26 February 2013 | Finance

By Dmitry Stillermann Dmitry Stillermann, Vice President of Capital Markets at DataArt, contributes a bylined article on recent trades in High Frequency Trading (HFT) and its effect on the global process of capital markets restructuring. “The ebb and flow of the financial markets turmoil that...

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Race on for Intuitive Mobile Travel Apps

By Greg Abbott Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel & Hospitality practice at DataArt, contributes an article to Mobile Marketer, discussing the impact of the mounting data volumes on travel organizations, and challenges they face. “As demand for more personalized services persists, how this data is applied...

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