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Ready or not, iPhone 5S pushes apps into the 64-bit future

19 September 2013 | Mobile Solutions

by Stephen Shankland “Developers are variously enthusiastic and skeptical about the benefits of 64-bit mobile programming, but plenty expect gains from other features in the Apple A7 chip that will arrive in flagship iPhones on Friday.” CNET runs a feature on a new processor architecture and consults...

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Evaluating software development is measuring the invisible

19 September 2013 |

Dmitry Yakovlev, a software architect at DataArt, contributes a bylined article to VentureBeat, where he questions the findings of a recent McKinsey report on measuring efficiency in application development, and suggests a different set of metrics. “Most of the project managers will admit that running...

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New iPhone Brings New iOS, Putting Apple's Craig Federighi In The Spotlight -- Again

5 September 2013 | Mobile Solutions

Forbes profiles Apple’s software Chief Craig Federighi, who says iOS 7 is an "exciting new beginning." The article highlights key features of the new iOS and presents DataArt’s expert - and different - opinion. “Helen Timofeeva, a senior mobile software developer with DataArt, said Apple has borrowed...

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Developers Talk iOS 7: 10 Things To Know

20 August 2013 | Mobile Solutions

By Lisa Barry Lisa Barry of CRN spoke with DataArt's developers to find out what to expect from the upcoming release of iOS 7. The findings are presented as a slide show format, with insight from six mobile app developers at DataArt, whose opinions ranged from nods to improved visual appeal and ease...

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Mobile banking: where time stands still

6 August 2013 | Finance Mobile Solutions

Denis Margolin, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at DataArt, contributes a bylined article to The Digital Banking Club, discussing a lack of mobile consumer banking apps on the market and ways to address the issue. “Banks continuously invest to provide their customers with tools to manage their finances...

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Academic Finds Way to Quantify GP Risk

2 August 2013 | Finance

"Fresh research has discovered a way for GPs to quantify their firm-wide risk profile, something that some investors are taking a greater look at," writes Thomas Duffel. He speaks with Vitaly Nechaev of DataArt to comment on these findings. “A risk profile analysis of funds is an essential process for...

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Outsourcing Trends on Wall Street: Changing Attitudes

1 August 2013 | Finance

Alexei Miller, Executive VP at DataArt, shares his expert opinion on outsourcing trends on Wall Street. In the fast changing world of technology, with the increasing complexity of financial systems and financial IT markets red hot, what should drive the outsourcing decisions? Miller lists a few core...

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Deep-Pocketed Funds Give Up on Speed Game

1 August 2013 | Finance

The Wall Street Journal discusses the shifts in the trading game, “from speed to size”, and how firms of different sizes allocate IT budgets to take better advantage of big data. The article cites Alexei Miller, EVP at DataArt. “A focus on size, specifically using “big data” to get a trading advantage,...

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Form PF Forces the Data Management Issue

16 July 2013 | Finance

by Rebecca Baldridge Financial Technology Forum discusses the benefits of form PF in financial data management and reporting, and addresses the need for IT investments required to keep up with the new reporting requirements. The article mentions DataArt as a vendor providing hedge funds with a free...

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Admit it – True Innovation in Travel is a bit of Myth

12 July 2013 | Travel & Hospitality

Following the Question Time event, hosted by DataArt in London, Dmitry Bagrov, SVP of European Business at DataArt, shares his opinion on innovation, and whether it has been moving forward in online travel. “Online travel – the ability for the general public to book holidays, flights and other related...

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