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DataArt hacks away to bend your trip into something new

25 September 2012 |

By Kevin May Tnooz covers DataArt’s participation in THack San Francisco, where the company presented BendMyTrip, a new way of creating and managing a trip. “One of the participants at last week’s THack @ SFO was DataArt, pulling together APIs from Vayant, Travelport and LocalGuiding to create BendMyTrip...

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10 Ways Developers Put Databases at Risk

12 September 2012 |

By Ericka Chickowski The article postulates that some of the most important database protection methods start with developers who tap into sensitive data stores. “Many of today's Web applications rely on enterprises' most sensitive data stores to keep order systems running, partner companies collaborating,...

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Artyom Astafurov joins Craig Peterson of Tech Talk Radio

10 September 2012 |

Artyom Astafurov, DataArt’s Chief Innovation Officer, joins Craig Peterson of Tech Talk Radio to discuss the Internet of things, how soon not only mobile devices, but embedded/physical devices will become connected: telemetry, smart homes, machine-to-machine messaging. Podcast available at Tech Talk...

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Silver Lining in Wall Street Glitches & The Importance of Agility

15 August 2012 | Finance

Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President of DataArt, shared his thoughts with Greg Crawford of TABB Forum on how medium size financial firms are often more efficient and effective in their IT investments in the current environment, reacting faster and building better than some of their larger counterparts,...

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Isolating Sensitive Bits of 'Big Data' Key to Compliance

13 June 2012 | Finance

By Kenneth Hardin “Big Data” is the latest buzzword to sweep through enterprise IT, and — as you might expect — it is projected to affect everything your company does. Not surprisingly, the “Big Data” conversation is moving toward compliance, or should we say “Big Compliance.” For those firms who...

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A Changing Market

8 May 2012 | Finance

By John Younghusband FX-MM magazine, which covers the latest developments in Capital Markets and finding as well as risk management and technology issues, places a bylined article by John Younghusband of DataArt, where he reflects on how technological developments have changed the face of FX trading...

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For the Underbanked, Online Banking Comes to Tablets

7 May 2012 | Finance

By Daniel Wolfe In this exclusive story, American Banker magazine discusses the tablet app landscape in light of DataArt’s recent completion of a mobile banking Kindle Fire app for Plastyc, a prepaid card marketer, with commentary from Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt and Patrice...

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DataArt Joins OpenTravel Alliance

27 April 2012 | Travel & Hospitality

Travel Daily News picked up the announcement of DataArt joining the OpenTravel Alliance. “DataArt, a customer software development firm announced its membership to the OpenTravel Alliance - the standards body focused on the creation of electronic message structures to facilitate communication between...

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Tablets Need The Right UI To Succeed

29 March 2012 | Mobile Solutions

By Denis Margolin Denis Margolin, a Vice President of Mobile Solutions at DataArt, contributes a bylined article on intricacies of tablet user interfaces. “Switching to the touch-enabled user interface (UI), the native user interface (NUI) is a drastically new paradigm. It wouldn’t be unfair to compare...

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Software Development Takes to the Cloud

27 March 2012 | Cloud Computing

By Dmitry Yakovlev Dmitry Yakovlev, Senior Vice President at DataArt, continues the conversation about Cloud computing, as he outlines major platforms and concepts, discusses cloud environments and applications, and shares advice for security strategies in the cloud. “There are four major cloud computing...

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