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As providers move to the cloud, advisers awaken to its potential

8 July 2013 | Finance

Outsourcing suddenly in with advisers and their firms by Davis Janowski InvestmentNews devotes a feature article to the revival of outsourcing in the financial services sector, and the rise of cloud computing, extensively quoting Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt. "Advisers have been...

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Hotels not offering free Wi-Fi will lose out, DataArt debate hears

3 July 2013 | Travel & Hospitality

Travolution highlights the key points of a round table discussion on trends in the travel industry hosted by DataArt in London. "Hotels not offering free Wi-Fi are at risk of losing customers, industry representatives told guests at a DataArt Question Time event. The panel consisted of Gisbert; Hugo...

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High-Frequency Trading: a Game-Changer for Markets?

1 July 2013 |

High-frequency trading has changed the way equities, and to a lesser extent, other assets, are traded. This makes many involved in trading nervous, and they have every reason to be. The Banker, a leading UK financial publication, devotes a feature article to the complex relationship between traditional...

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DataArt, Kaazing to develop mobile financial apps

1 July 2013 | Finance

US-based software development company DataArt has signed a partnership agreement with Kaazing, a provider of enterprise web and mobile communication. DataArt and Kaazing will provide mobile application services for the financial services industry. The partnership will blend Kaazing’s software platform...

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DataArt to Hold Big Data Supply Chain Panel Event

21 June 2013 | Logistics

“The opportunities that big data analytics offers to supply chain and logistics operations will be under scrutiny on Tuesday July 9 at 10.30am, as custom software development firm DataArt holds a panel debate. The event is being held at the London Gateway – a deep sea container port and Europe’s largest...

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DataArt to offer mobile portfolio monitoring

21 June 2013 | Finance

Wall Street Letter broke the news of DataArt partnering with Kaazing and the first joint project, a mobile portfolio monitoring tool, after speaking with Oleg Komissarov at SIFMA Tech 2013. "DataArt is planning to launch a mobile portfolio surveillance capability, according to Oleg Komissarov, senior...

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DataArt Offers OPERA Risk Suite For Smaller Investment Banks

17 June 2013 | Finance

By Zarna Patel Wall Street and Technology follows up on the news of DataArt partnering with MongoDB and speaks with Oleg Komissarov, SVP at DataArt, about the benefits for smaller financial firms. ‘The partnership between DataArt, a custom software development company, and MongoDB, a NoSQL database...

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DataArt Partners with 10gen for Data Aggregation, Opera Reporting

13 June 2013 | Finance

By Anthony Malakian Alexei Miller, DataArt In this exclusive report, Anthony Malakian of Buy-Side Technology covers the partnership between DataArt and 10gen, a MongoDB company, and speaks with Alexei Miller and Oleg Komissarov on its benefits for DataArt clients. “Software provider DataArt is...

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Great Expectations

12 June 2013 | Finance

HFMWeek discusses the UK economy, regulatory issues and investor sentiment with hedge fund professionals at a special event in London, attended by Vitaly Nechaev, Senior VP of Engineering at DataArt. ‘Speaking to attendees from across the hedge fund industry, HFMWeek found a degree of uncertainty about...

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Firm Offers Free-Risk-Report Apps

12 June 2013 | Finance

Hedge Fund Alert, the industry's leader in covering all things hedge funds, highlights DataArt's unveiling of two free apps, Form PF for SEC filing and Risk Reporting Suite for OPERA Built on MongoDB. "DataArt will unveil a risk-data aggregation program at Sifma's "Tech 2013" conference June 18-19 in...

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