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Android Tablets and Windows 8: Let the Games Begin

16 March 2012 | Mobile Solutions

By Jack M. Germain Linux Insider turns to Artyom Astafurov, Senior Vice President at DataArt, to help decipher the future of the tablet market. The release of Windows 8 will give Microsoft the chance to attack the tablet market that Android and Apple have basically owned for months. What effect with...

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Try Before You Buy: Firms, Vendors Employ Proofs of Concept

27 January 2012 | Finance

By Jake Thomases Technology vendors were once loath to give away their ideas for free. Financial service firms were similarly unwilling to invest in a project that might be a sunk cost. However, attitudes are changing, and it is now standard for companies to pay for proofs-of-concept before beginning...

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Embracing The Open Web: Web Technologies You Need To Engage Your Customers, And Much More

27 January 2012 |

By Jeffrey S. Hammond, John R. Rymer DataArt has contributed to a Forrester research report on Open Web. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The open Web is a culture, a community — and a set of preferred technologies for Internet applications. While HTML5 is the best known of these technologies, the open Web...

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Here Comes The Open Web – Embrace It

24 January 2012 |

By Jeffrey S. Hammond, John R. Rymer The New Web Platform For Customer Engagement And Much More DataArt has contributed to and is featured in two Forrester research reports on Open Web. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Web is moving on to a new era of openness, mobility, and digital business. The open...

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Mastering Windows Azure Application Development

11 January 2012 | Cloud Computing

By Dmitry Yakovlev Dmitry Yakovlev, Senior Vice President of DataArt, contributes a by-lined article to HPC in the Cloud, reviewing the existing cloud landscape and sharing his expert opinion on what .NET developers should focus on in order to master their skills in Windows Azure Application Development...

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Dmitry Stillermann: Dos and Don'ts for Building Enterprise Apps

4 January 2012 | Mobile Solutions

By Dmitry Stillermann In his by-lined article for TabTimes, Dmitry Stillermann, Vice President of Capital Markets at DataArt, discusses dos and don'ts for developing tablet enterprise applications, outlining business considerations, platform advantages, security issues and implementation costs. "When...

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2012 Cloud Forecast

16 December 2011 | Finance Cloud Computing

By Oleg Komissarov Oleg Komissarov, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at DataArt, contributed a by-lined article to HPC in the Cloud. 2012 Cloud Forecast outlines key goals for software industry leaders as PaaS, IaaS and SaaS providers invest billions in infrastructure and enterprise...

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Today’s Consumer Trends Reveal Tomorrow’s Mobile OS Winners

16 December 2011 | Mobile Solutions

By Denis Margolin Denis Margolin, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at DataArt, contributed a by-lined article to Mobile Dev & Design magazine, which was highlighted as a featured Tutorial. The article discusses the split in mobile development for iOS, Android and WP7 smart phones, tablet...

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7 Hot Mobile Trends for 2012

14 December 2011 | Mobile Solutions

By Jeff Vance "If 2011 was a tumultuous year, 2012 is shaping up to be even more chaotic," writes Jeff Vance of Datamation. "The inevitable invasion of smartphones and tablets into the enterprise will have CIOs scrambling to figure out BYOD solutions. Microsoft will finally start to challenge Apple...

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Once More Unto the Cloud, Dear Friends

9 December 2011 | Finance Cloud Computing

By Anthony Malakian Deputy Editor of Buy-Side Technology Anthony Malakian spoke with Alexei Miller of DataArt about Cloud technology at Waters USA Congress. In his article in Waters magazine, Malakian shares Miller's controversial yet refreshing view about the ubiquitous nature of the term and strategy...

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