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Microsoft plays up new Office collaboration tools to boost Windows 8

19 March 2013 |

By Diana Hwang Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt, shares his expert opinion on the future of office collaboration software and tools with SeachEnterpriseDesktop (TechTarget). ”I'm not worried about large enterprises. ... They will roll over to Windows 8 years from now," said Alexei...

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Marrying an IT vendor: A Dating Guide for Startups

8 March 2013 | Travel & Hospitality

By Dmitry Yakovlev Dmitry Yakovlev, VP & Software Architect at DataArt, shares his thoughts on achieving a harmonious partnership between a start-up and an IT vendor. The five key points for starts-ups to consider when looking for a provider include hiring a CTO (but not letting him/her dictate...

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HFT Demise as the Precursor to Changes in the Markets Landscape

26 February 2013 | Finance

By Dmitry Stillermann Dmitry Stillermann, Vice President of Capital Markets at DataArt, contributes a bylined article on recent trades in High Frequency Trading (HFT) and its effect on the global process of capital markets restructuring. “The ebb and flow of the financial markets turmoil that...

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Race on for Intuitive Mobile Travel Apps

By Greg Abbott Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel & Hospitality practice at DataArt, contributes an article to Mobile Marketer, discussing the impact of the mounting data volumes on travel organizations, and challenges they face. “As demand for more personalized services persists, how this data is applied...

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Cloud Computing

24 January 2013 |

By John O’Brien Could IT really be getting cheaper and need less kit than previously? DataArt’s John G O’Brien MILT argues it’s time to get our head into the clouds. “In this article I hope to shed some light on what is different about cloud computing and how it is likely to change the way we use...

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A Surprising Reason to Expand Overseas

6 December 2012 |

by John Warrillow Inc. magazine underlines the importance of geographic diversification for smaller businesses, showcasing DataArt as an example of a company with a robust business model and solid presence in several countries. Eugene Goland, President of DataArt, spoke with Cliff Olin, principal...

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Mobile CRM's Lofty and Contagious Expectations

5 December 2012 | Mobile Solutions

by Erika Morphy CRM Buyer magazine discusses how mobile experience has changed consumer expectations of their business IT systems, extensively quoting Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt. "Plain and simple, users now expect software that loads up instantly, looks beautiful, remembers...

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Data Visualization’s New Shine

30 November 2012 |

By Melanie Rodier The cover story of Wall Street & Technology December issue is dedicated to data visualization. The article extensively quotes Oleg Komissarov, Senior VP of Enterpirse Solutions at DataArt, as he discusses how Wall Street firms are using new data visualization technologies to see...

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M2M Made Simple

28 November 2012 | Embedded

Connected World magazine discusses the future of M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions, citing DeviceHive, a non-proprietary, open-sourced M2M platform developed by DataArt, as “the good news” for those who want to focus on functionality of their systems and leave behind the burden of developing messaging...

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Getting Your Mobile CRM Mojo Working

13 November 2012 | Finance Mobile Solutions

By Erica Morphy The cover story of CRM Buyer is dedicated to mobile CRM applications and related security issues. Alexei Miller, Executive VP at DataArt, shares his advice on designing secure financial applications for smart phones. As companies rush to offer mobile CRM apps to their customers,...

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