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Why Playbook Won’t Solve RIM’s Problems

18 May 2011 | Mobile Solutions

By Denis Margolin Business Insider turned to DataArt for an expert opinion on the future of RIM’s Playbook. Denis Margolin, Vice President of Mobile Solutions, believes the Playbook is among “half-baked but ambitious products” not ready to compete with Apple’s iPad. “What are competitors doing to...

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Want to Build Mobile Apps on the Fly?

17 May 2011 | Mobile Solutions

Mobile Enterprise, a leading news resource on mobile enterprise solutions, features DataArt’s recent announcement of completing Fivespark, “an easy-to-use Web-based mobile app builder that gives users their private app store right on their smartphones.” “DataArt came highly recommended by a colleague...

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Mobile Health Apps, Part 3: On the Cutting Edge

28 April 2011 | Mobile Solutions

By Pam Baker The third installment on the future of healthcare mobile apps in TechNewsWorld cites groundbreaking existing applications, capable of determining cancer or eliminating the need for surgical procedures. “”While there is already a number of mobile applications for doctors, the real transformation...

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Outsourcing: Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President Of DataArt

25 April 2011 |

Sramana Mitra of One Million by One Million global initiative that aims to help a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars in annual revenue by 2020, sat down with Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President of DataArt, to discuss major trends in outsourcing and how they shape businesses. The in-depth...

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Mobile Health Apps, Part 2: Making Life Safer and Sweeter

By Pam Baker TechNewsWorld runs a series of articles on the future of mobile in healthcare, noting that currently most consumer-oriented mobile healthcare apps provide information to the user vs. exchanging information with other parties. The magazine cites opinions of leading healthcare IT experts,...

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Sweden’s IPM Taps DataArt to Build Pre-Trade Risk Analysis System

11 April 2011 | Finance

A-Team Group, a premiere news outlet for Financial IT executives in Electronic Trading and Risk Management Technology segments, followed up with DataArt’s Alexei Miller and IPM’s Anders Lindell to discuss the engagement in more detail. “IPM’s decision to farm out development of the risk platform to...

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Risk Systems Being Deployed by Hedge Funds

4 April 2011 | Finance

By Steve Marlin “With risk and compliance issues top-of-mid, hedge funds are turning to trusted outsourcing partners to ensure the IT infrastructure is lean and agile,” writes Steve Marlin of Markets Media. He cites the example of IPM Informed Portfolio Management AB engaging DataArt to develop an...

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IPM Engages DataArt for Development of Risk Management System

1 April 2011 | Finance

By Jayashree Adkoli Financial Tech Spotlight of covers DataArt’s completion of an advanced risk management system for IPM, quoting Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP of Capital Markets at DataArt. “..A European hedge fund company called IPM Informed Portfolio Management AB has chosen DataArt to develop...

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Choosing an Outsourcing Firm Will Become Easier

28 December 2010 |

By Alexei Miller Alexei Miller, Executive VP at DataArt, contributes his second by-lined article to Forbes magazine, focusing on key factors for selecting an outsourcing vendor. "While the exact shape of the industry as large and diverse as outsourcing is impossible to predict, it is quite easy...

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Top 50 online travel social media influencers list gets updated daily

9 November 2010 | Travel & Hospitality

By Dennis Schaall Tnooz, the travel industry’s leading resource on technology news, featured the partnership between DataArt and Brilliant Travel Media in launching Influencers in Travel website. The article highlights DataArt’s key role in integrating a Klout API with the site which allows to rank...

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