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Software Developers Gladly Hop on the Cloud Bandwagon

19 January 2010 | Cloud Computing

By Paul Krill Paul Krill of InfoWorld writes that while debate on mass acceptance of cloud computing rages on, "for software developers, it has become clear that cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure are expanding options for their application deployments." The...

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Mobile Apps Make GIS Pocket-Sized

2 December 2009 | Mobile Solutions

By Andrew G. Roe Andrew G. Roe of Cadalyst magazine, the leading publication about computer-aided design and related technologies, writes about intensifying battles between rival smartphone providers and the burgeoning market of mobile phone applications. DataArt is featured among innovative mobile...

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17 November 2009 | Finance

A leading blog on mainframe computing in the 21st century, DancingDinosaur, ponders whether system z jobs are really available, quoting Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt. “Some large firms have reopened their college hiring” reports Alexei Miller, EVP at DataArt, a software outsourcing...

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Managing the traveller lifecycle with mobile

By Marina Kolesnik and Vasily Malinov Senior executives in charge of travel technology at DataArt share their insight with TravelMole, the 450,000+ global online community for travel and tourism professionals, on developing new revenue channels for hospitality and travel services providers, capitalizing...

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Risk Management: The Pros And Cons Of Building Your Own System

21 July 2009 | Finance

By Aleksey Matiychenko, Risk-AI, and Alexander Makeyenkov, DataArt Alexander Makeyenkov, Senior VP of Capital Markets at DataArt, collaborated on a by-lined article for FINalternatives, the premier, independent source for news on the alternative investment industry. The article focuses on the culture,...

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What Constitutes a Successful Project?

24 June 2009 |

By Denis Margolin Global Services magazine published the second article in the series of expert opinion stories by DataArt executives. Denis Margolin, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at DataArt, takes a look at different metrics which help determine whether an IT outsourcing project was successfully...

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Russia & Ukraine as Financial Technology Outsourcing Destinations

8 April 2009 | Finance

By Alexei Miller and Mikhail Zavileysky Alexei Miller, Executive VP at DataArt, and Mikhail Zavileysky, COO, contribute a by-lined article to FSO Knowledge Xchange, the leading resource on the latest news, market research and analytics for the worldwide banking, insurance, and capital markets industry...

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Crisis Tactics - Staff and Internal Communication

3 April 2009 |

By Mikhail Zavileysky Mikhail Zavileysky, COO of DataArt, was approached by AmCham News, the official publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, to share his expert opinion on how to better manage a market crisis with the least consequences for a company. DataArt has successfully...

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Faces: Eugene Goland

19 February 2009 |

By Natalia Anishyuk Finance magazine, a Moscow-based business weekly, profiles Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. The feature article addresses the history of the company’s formation, its resilience during this and previous crises, and discusses measures that help DataArt overcome turbulent market...

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IT Outsourcing & Open Source Technologies

9 February 2009 |

Global Services magazine published the first article in the series of expert opinion stories by DataArt executives. Simon Cox, Vice President of Open Source at DataArt, takes a look at how Open Source could be a positive move for any business looking to reduce its bottom line while maintaining productivity...

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