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Russia & Ukraine as Financial Technology Outsourcing Destinations

8 April 2009 | Finance

By Alexei Miller and Mikhail Zavileysky Alexei Miller, Executive VP at DataArt, and Mikhail Zavileysky, COO, contribute a by-lined article to FSO Knowledge Xchange, the leading resource on the latest news, market research and analytics for the worldwide banking, insurance, and capital markets industry...

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Crisis Tactics - Staff and Internal Communication

3 April 2009 |

By Mikhail Zavileysky Mikhail Zavileysky, COO of DataArt, was approached by AmCham News, the official publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, to share his expert opinion on how to better manage a market crisis with the least consequences for a company. DataArt has successfully...

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Faces: Eugene Goland

19 February 2009 |

By Natalia Anishyuk Finance magazine, a Moscow-based business weekly, profiles Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. The feature article addresses the history of the company’s formation, its resilience during this and previous crises, and discusses measures that help DataArt overcome turbulent market...

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IT Outsourcing & Open Source Technologies

9 February 2009 |

Global Services magazine published the first article in the series of expert opinion stories by DataArt executives. Simon Cox, Vice President of Open Source at DataArt, takes a look at how Open Source could be a positive move for any business looking to reduce its bottom line while maintaining productivity...

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DataArt Launches Online Travel Solutions Practice

28 January 2009 | Travel & Hospitality

Travel Pulse, a leading portal covering the beat of the travel industry, picked up the news of DataArt launching the Online Travel Solutions Practice. “Among DataArt’s offerings is development of custom booking engines with support for dynamic packaging and payment systems backed by sophisticated content...

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Effective Usage of Public Money through Outsourcing

5 January 2009 | Travel & Hospitality

By Imrana Khan Global Services magazine demonstrates DataArt’s success in the online travel solutions space with a case study of, the official Website for travel and tourism in the U.K. In an interview with Tim Holt, UK Marketing Manager for Enjoy England, the magazine discusses the...

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Online Travel Industry Takes the Outsourcing Route

5 January 2009 | Travel & Hospitality

By Imrana Khan Global Services magazine turned to DataArt to discuss the successful launch of a new technology practice at the company, online travel solutions. The article outlines the demands of the industry and the challenges it poses for the vendors, as it requires an in-depth knowledge of the...

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Eastern European Trends in Software Outsourcing Services

2 January 2009 |

By Kathleen Goolsby Outsourcing Journal, the publishing and marketing channel of Everest Group, one of the world’s most prominent consulting firms, devotes a feature article to the trends in Eastern European Outsourcing and showcases DataArt as a successful representative of the region. “Alexei Miller,...

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Best Practices for Working with Eastern European Technology Providers

15 December 2008 |

By Alexei Miller Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt, contributes a by-lined article to FSO, the leading magazine on outsourcing in financial services, discussing vendor landscape in Eastern Europe and best practices of working with them. "On the one hand, Eastern Europe is firmly in...

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Financial Crisis and IT Outsourcing – What’s Next?

26 November 2008 |

Dialogue Magazine, the flagship publication of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), publishes an opinion piece by Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt, on the future of IT outsourcing after the financial crisis. “All indicators are that Wall Street...

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