DataArt in the News

Small Businesses Struggle to Offshore

6 March 2006 |

By Dan Briody In the scramble to save money overseas, small companies are at a serious disadvantage, writes CIO Insight magazine, a flagship publication by Ziff Davis. The feature article highlights key issues in outsourcing for SMBs, and provides the expert opinion of Eugene Goland, President of...

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Retention Game

26 February 2006 |

Finance magazine, a Moscow-based business weekly, devotes a feature article to the issues of retaining top personnel in financial institutions and companies serving the financial sector. Besides traditional tactics that work for Russian leading banks, including competitive salaries, top health insurance...

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Software Developers Making Global Impact

14 February 2006 |

By Yekaterina Dranitsyna St. Petersburg English-language business daily salutes the fact that Russia is now being included in the "lists of the world's leading markets for IT outsourcing" by Gartner and Forrester. The article underlines important achievements by Russian IT providers, including a...

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Offshoring and QA

6 February 2006 |

Software Test & Performance Magazine focuses its Best Practices column on "working with offshore teams to create the best software possible." DataArt is one of the companies asked to offer its "advice about how other companies can work efficiently with teams from afar, and to create software that...

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The Future of Outsourcing

30 January 2006 |

DataArt is featured in Business Week magazine's cover story "The Future of Outsourcing". The article, "Angling to Be the Next Bangalore", highlights Russia as one of the emerging key players in the world IT market, and names several established players in the Russian segment, with DataArt among them...

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Buy-side Outsourcing Grows Up

15 December 2005 | Finance

Hedge Fund & Investment Technology Magazine dedicates a feature to the growing phenomenon of IT outsourcing in the financial industry. The article collects opinions of buy side executive on critical issues not to be overlooked when approaching the subject, such as due diligence of potential outsourcing...

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Financial Outsourcing News

10 December 2005 | Finance

Financial Outsourcing News, a Royal Media Group publication based in New York, reviews the latest mergers and outsourcing deals in the financial services industry. Alexei Miller, DataArt Executive Vice President, offers expert commentary for the cover story on Microsoft and India-based Satyam joining...

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Offshore Outsourcing Methodology for Small-and-Mid-Size Companies

5 December 2005 |

Women in Technology, the premier organization contributing to the success of professional women in the technology community, published its annual 2005 WIT Technology Journal which inlcuded a white paper by Eugene Goland entitled "Offshore Outsourcing Methodology for Small- and Mid-Size Companies"....

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How to Make Money on Software Development

24 October 2005 |

Financial Russian weekly Money (Den'gi) discusses the trends in offshore IT outsourcing, and analyzes various paths for the future – outsourcing to India vs. Russia, and product development vs. customized software development – by interviewing executive of leading software outsourcing vendors with...

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Gadgets for Spies, Flights and Dating Isles

4 October 2005 |

By Yekaterina Dranitsyna "When you book flight tickets, does the question of who will sit next to you on the plane make you anxious?" asks St. Petersburg English language daily. Brushing through the latest inventions and gadgets aiming at enhancing communications, the paper reviews AirTroductions...

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