DataArt in the News

Social Report: Open Leaders

28 February 2008 |

Kommersant Daily, the leading Russian business daily, published a rating of the most open executives in St. Petersburg, those with flexible management style and transparency of operations. The Social Report, based on the data from several city newspapers, lists DataArt COO Mikhail Zavileysky among the...

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Russia Today

26 February 2008 |

Russia Today, the only English-language TV channel covering exclusively Russia, interviews two DataArt executives on the subject of Russia’s IT future. “Huge economic growth in Russia is impossible without further support for technology, according to one of the leading figures of St. Petersburg's IT...

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Germans Get Engaged in Software to Order in Russia

25 January 2008 |

CNews, the leading Russian IT review publication, discusses the plans of German T-Systems to start developing software for order by Russian gas and oil companies. "Mikhail Zavileisky, DataArt executive director, says it is rather difficult for a new brand to expand to the Russian market, but T-Systems,...

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VanceInfo IPO buoys VC backers Sequoia, DCM

13 December 2007 |

The Deal magazine devotes an article to the IPO announcement by VanceInfo Technologies Inc., the first Chinese technology services company to launch an initial public offering, and offers comments by DataArt Executive VP, Alexei Miller. "Alexei Miller, executive vice president of DataArt Enterprises...

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Cisco Launches Euro VC fund

12 November 2007 |

The Deal magazine runs a story on Cisco preparing to launch a new VC fund aimed at technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe, with commentary on the deal from Alexei Miller, Executive VP at DataArt. Cisco is teaming on the initiative with 3TS Capital Partners Ltd., a private equity and...

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Hedging With Technology

2 November 2007 | Finance

By Rinku Tyagi Global Services magazine devotes an exclusive cover story to the successful partnership between HedgeSpeed and DataArt, detailing DataArt’s expertise in financial technology and extensively quoting Alexei Miller. According to the article, HedgeSpeed “realized that a generic software...

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Offshoring Goes West

21 August 2007 |

Screen Magazine, a U.K.-based monthly magazine covering developments in the global financial IT and data businesses, devotes a feature article to the fact that firms are increasingly turning to Russia and Eastern Europe rather than India and China for their offshoring projects. “While India and...

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Re-engineered Globally

30 July 2007 |

By Amrita Singh Global Services continues to point that Russia is as an offshore destination of choice for many, and is specifically “very attractive for engineering work, as almost 50 percent of the student population in the country majors in technology, science or engineering, which is far more...

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Russian IT Outsourcing Market on a Roll

27 July 2007 |

By Imrana Khan CMP Media’s Global Services magazine profiles Russia as an outsourcing destination of choice, based on a comprehensive report of Russian IT sector by IDC Research, and features DataArt as one of its leaders. "Russian IT service companies are now counted amongst the world’s best providers,"...

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The Bangalore Experience Goes Baltic

30 June 2007 |

By Indrajit Basu Asia Times, a leading business newspaper covering the region, devotes a feature article to the recent trend of outsourcing projects moving from India to Eastern Europe. "What is unusual about this trend," writes the paper, "is that even as costs in Eastern and Central European countries...

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