DataArt in the News

The Future of Outsourcing

30 January 2006 |

DataArt is featured in Business Week magazine's cover story "The Future of Outsourcing". The article, "Angling to Be the Next Bangalore", highlights Russia as one of the emerging key players in the world IT market, and names several established players in the Russian segment, with DataArt among them...

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Buy-side Outsourcing Grows Up

15 December 2005 | Finance

Hedge Fund & Investment Technology Magazine dedicates a feature to the growing phenomenon of IT outsourcing in the financial industry. The article collects opinions of buy side executive on critical issues not to be overlooked when approaching the subject, such as due diligence of potential outsourcing...

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Financial Outsourcing News

10 December 2005 | Finance

Financial Outsourcing News, a Royal Media Group publication based in New York, reviews the latest mergers and outsourcing deals in the financial services industry. Alexei Miller, DataArt Executive Vice President, offers expert commentary for the cover story on Microsoft and India-based Satyam joining...

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Offshore Outsourcing Methodology for Small-and-Mid-Size Companies

5 December 2005 |

Women in Technology, the premier organization contributing to the success of professional women in the technology community, published its annual 2005 WIT Technology Journal which inlcuded a white paper by Eugene Goland entitled "Offshore Outsourcing Methodology for Small- and Mid-Size Companies"....

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How to Make Money on Software Development

24 October 2005 |

Financial Russian weekly Money (Den'gi) discusses the trends in offshore IT outsourcing, and analyzes various paths for the future – outsourcing to India vs. Russia, and product development vs. customized software development – by interviewing executive of leading software outsourcing vendors with...

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Gadgets for Spies, Flights and Dating Isles

4 October 2005 |

By Yekaterina Dranitsyna "When you book flight tickets, does the question of who will sit next to you on the plane make you anxious?" asks St. Petersburg English language daily. Brushing through the latest inventions and gadgets aiming at enhancing communications, the paper reviews AirTroductions...

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Guerilla Marketing

3 October 2005 |

Financial Russian weekly Money (Den'gi) explores the intricate ways of guerilla marketing, and reviews companies with the most effective tactics. DataArt is featured as an example of a company that turned smart networking into tangible business deals, and became one of the leaders in IT outsourcing...

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Russia: From the Lab to the Back Office

23 September 2005 |

By Nilotpal Chakravarti Global Outsourcing online, the leading resource for offshore outsourcing in South Asia, reviews Russia's potential and achievements in the area of IT outsourcing, particularly in the financial technology space. Russia "has 20 times as many scientists on a per capita basis,...

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How to Make an Internet Marketing Plan Work

21 September 2005 |

By Julia Zavileyskaya Julia Zavileyskaya, DataArt's Marketing Director, contributes an article on Web site search engine optimization (SEO) for small and medium businesses to WorldWIT's "Thinking Aloud". Being one of the leading SEO experts at DataArt, Julia shares the secrets of making your site...

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DataArt Releases NetChart Solution for ASP.NET

15 September 2005 |

Software Development Times, the industry newspaper for the Software Development Managers, picked up the news of DataArt's releasing a charting component solution for Microsoft ASP.NET. "The component can pull data from XML data sources, as well as .NET XML and .NET DataTable sources. The software also...

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