DataArt in the News

Expanding beyond IT, India

15 November 2004 |

By Anne Krishnan The Herald-Sun "While the furor over offshoring may have focused on India, customers need look no farther than DataArt to see that South Asia doesn't have a monopoly on IT outsourcing," says Anne Krishnan of the Research Triangle Park magazine, The Herald-Sun. Download...

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DataArt is Home to Famous Designers

24 October 2004 |

St. Petersburg's society magazine inquired with DataArt to profile the company's leading designer in a feature story: the most talented and cool artists in the city. The journalist wanted to interview one designer, however, we insisted that DataArt's artistry would be much better represented...

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Domain innovation in 1998 brings 12.5 million users by 2004

4 October 2004 |

In a surprising success story in the popular Russian science journal "Vokrug Sveta" ("Around the Earth"), DataArt is mentioned in an article discussing the most impressive internet domain deals in the past few years. "It is well known that a good domain name is the major part of an effective...

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Tech Offshoring Off the Beaten Path

6 September 2004 |

By Maria Trombly Securities Industry News Securities Industry News, a leading publication for the financial services industry, analyses the global strategic picture in offshore outsourcing and points that Eastern Europe and Russia are attracting their share of securities industry players. Alexei...

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Understanding the Offshoring Market. Conversations with Russian Development Firm CEO.

5 July 2004 |

Triangle TechJournal To gain further insight on growing IT off-shoring trends, Triangle Tech Journal spoke with Michael Zaitsev, the CEO of DataArt. The company recently opened an office in Research Triangle Park, and Mr. Zaitsev discusses the issues of scaling a company, the overall trends in IT...

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"Lanit-Terkom" joins joint-venture

1 July 2004 |

"Business Petersburg" #118 "The industry of software development has now turned into a complex ecosystem where it is difficult to survive if players possess a narrow frame of reference. Now more and more alliances appear in the market. We have partners too. Ours are generally among Russian companies...

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Invitation to the US Software Market

15 June 2004 |

IT News It is necessary for all of us to support a true image of Russian companies for the Western market. Unfortunately, Western businesses frequently believe in the stereotype of the self-educated Russian hacker. In reality, the level of technical training for Russian experts is among the highest...

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DataArt calls Russian programmers to work in the American market

1 June 2004 |

Compulenta ( Russian software development companies received a document from DataArt outlining practical recommendations for promoting products and services in the United States and western Europe. Authors of the document also argue that Russian programmers can now compete with...

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DataArt's website was featured in the new book, "Make your Small Business Website Work".

7 May 2004 |

By John Heartfield Make Your Small Business Website Work DataArt's website was featured in the new book, "Make your Small Business Website Work", written by John Heartfield and published in April by Rockport Publishers. This beautifully written and designed book provides practical advise on website...

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Companies Overlook Critical Risks Associated with Offshore Outsourcing

13 April 2004 |

New York News Network "For over a decade, India has reigned as the king of offshore outsourcing, renowned for its skilled information technology (IT) labor, low salaries and high productivity. But it may soon face a legion of competition from other developing nations vying for attention from U.S...

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