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How Virtual Reality Could Reshape the Future of Concerts and Live Events

3 April 2017 | Blog

The allure of attending a live concert has always been the fact that you can get up close and personal with the band and their music.  You are a fan, and that immersive live-music experience far overshadows listening to digital download or album from your favorite artist. Times are changing, however...

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Music Discovery and the Magic of Sync Placements

29 March 2017 | Blog

You might be surprised to learn that the mood setting songs and background music featured on your favorite TV shows, movies, commercials, sports and video games are highly sought after paid placements for artists to gain exposure and generate income. No longer considered ‘selling out', it seems...

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We Need to Think About the Product From the Point of View of the Customer

28 March 2017 | Europe | Media / Finance

German Versicherungs wirtschaftheute covers #_hackNEXT, a Munich hackathon for the insurance sector jointly organized by DataArt, Allianz Deutschland AG, Franke und Bornberg, and zeb. Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt was among the judges and is featured in the summary video.

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“Three kids in a garage are inventing something that will disrupt us all” - DataArt’s Charlotte Lamp Davies moderates industry-leading panel discussion that shows the travel trade ready to face the future

24 March 2017 | Blog / Blockchain

Security, ease of use, speed and data are driving technology spending in travel and hospitality. Providing the same, great experience on all devices core for development in 2017. Blockchain’s potential is clear – but whether it can work for the travel industry is...

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SXSW: When All Roads Lead to Austin

23 March 2017 | Blog

Last week, the DataArt Media & Entertainment team flew to Austin, TX, to take part in what is undoubtedly the biggest event the industry has to offer – South by Southwest (SXSW) – where both newcomers and leaders of the industry engage in conference sessions, a trade show, a start-up...

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Meeting the Challenges Facing Today's Insurers

23 March 2017 | UK | Media / Finance

Alexander Makeyenkov, Sernior Vice President, Finance Practice at DataArt, discusses the challenges faced by insurance companies today and outlines the steps to secure a lasting success in the future.

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5 Things Hedge Funds Should Know about Blockchain

22 March 2017 | UK | Media / Finance Blockchain

The maturity of blockchain technology and its large-scale adoption will bring changes to the financial services industry. Denis Baranov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt, looks at the impact of those changes on hedge funds and shares five key considerations with HFMTechnology.

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Acadian Starts Experimenting with Bing on Predictive Investing

21 March 2017 | USA | Media / Finance

Chief Investment Officer Magazine features expert commentary from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of the Finance Practice at DataArt, on a new partnership between Acadian XX and Bing Predicts,​ and the impact of AI and machine learning on investment management.

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Albums, Singles or Playlists? How Consumption Patterns are Changing

17 March 2017 | Blog

We are in an age where music consumption patterns are changing. Just as any other aspect of the music business, they follow the evolution of the industry based on the consumer behavior. Singles once were the driving force behind record sales, until cassettes and later CDs gave the pedestal to...

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Too big to miss and too informative to forget!

14 March 2017 | Blog

The moment the DataArt team entered the Orange County Convention Center, they got a feeling that the conference had no borders and boundaries in size and length. If you have never visited HIMSS, it is like nothing you have ever experienced before in a tradeshow. More than 40,000 health IT professionals,...

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