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The Journey Towards a Digital Bank – Five Major Stages to Successful Banking Digitalisation

21 July 2016 | UK | Media / Finance

Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP of Capital Markets at DataArt, contributes an article to Finance Digest, where he breaks down the banking digitalization process into its essential stages. These include: establishing supportive culture and processes, prototyping, developing business applications, advancing to digital platforms and transitioning to the digital model.

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What Will Be the Next Biggest Technology to Disrupt Business?

19 July 2016 | UK | Media / Other Industries

IDG Connect asked industry thought leaders what the next biggest technology to disrupt business will be. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, talked of the zero UI approach. The other most frequently mentioned technologies included AI, Blockchain, robotics in manufacturing and proactive automation among others.

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Pokémon Go to Hit the Mass Market

19 July 2016 | UK | Media / Other Industries

BBC World News interviews Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, about the Pokémon Go phenomenon, the technology behind it and the reasons for its popularity.

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Are Bad Hardware and Games Ruining Virtual Reality?

15 July 2016 | UK | Media / Other Industries

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, weighs in on the argument whether smart phone-based systems will change the concept of virtual reality, stressing the importance of quality original content.

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DeviceHive Predictive Maintenance Application with SAP

13 July 2016 | Blog

The DeviceHive project development team has explored the possibility of integrating the DeviceHive data platform with SAP Hana DB. DeviceHive allows third party IoT device developers to concentrate on business tasks and the distinctive...

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Cyber Care

13 July 2016 | UK | Media / Travel & Hospitality

BBT features commentary from Charlotte Lamp Davis, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, on the role of the travel industry in the growing M-Health sector.

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Three Technologies to Watch from HITEC 2016

12 July 2016 | USA | Media / Travel & Hospitality

Greg Abbott, Head of the Travel and Hospitality Practice at DataArt, tells Hotel News Resource about the most exciting tech companies of HITEC 2016 that “are poised to impact the hospitality industry in the near future."

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DeviceHive on Android

8 July 2016 | Blog

Introduction The DeviceHive team has released a new version of their gateway for Android N. DeviceHive Android Gateway for Bluetooth Low Energy devices makes it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices to DeviceHive IoT clouds through a single Android device. Now it’s possible...

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2016 Tech Trends and What We Can Learn from Fintech

8 July 2016 | USA | Media / Finance

While blockchain is the hottest trend in financial technology, data management solutions, often driven by risk management and regulatory reporting requirements, remain a top priority for capital markets firms, according to Cliff Moyce, head of finance practice, DataArt.

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Banks Look to Internet of Things to Drive New Products

5 July 2016 | UK | Media /

Alexey Utkin, SVP in the Finance Practice and Oleg Kapustin, Data Solutions Architect at DataArt, speak with Internet of Business about the value of IoT driven business intelligence in banking, approaches to incorporating it and challenges that lie ahead.

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