Press Releases

New Project for Spirent Communications Launched

9 September 2004 |

Spirent is launching a new project which continues our work in the VoIP network testing systems. DataArt successfully finished a VoIP protocols project in August. This new project marks the fourth for DataArt within the Spirent account. Spirent is also interested in maturing several other projects...

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DataArt holds QA Wizard seminar

8 September 2004 |

Because DataArt is currently expanding its QA accounts, our QA team was conducting research for an automated Java testing tool. During this research they came upon a QA Wizard solution. After gathering the necessary information, a demonstration seminar was scheduled. A QA Wizard Representative...

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Microsoft SQL User group seminar held at DataArt

6 September 2004 |

On September, 6th, the Russian Microsoft SQL user group held a meeting at DataArt. The seminar program included an MS SQL Server replication review and reports on Notification and Reporting services. A significant focus was put on scalability and productivity issues. DataArt was truly...

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IT Outsourcing Success Story

3 September 2004 |

DataArt successfully finished an Admin Module for I-CareTM (Incident Care). This module is a service chain automation application software for both technical support and contact centers. It is also another fine example of DataArt's effectiveness. Millennium Care Inc. is a leading provider of...

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Usability Seminar held at DataArt

2 September 2004 |

One of the most important characteristics for any software product continues to be usability. Clients of DataArt have received access to the experience and accumulated knowledge of usability professionals. One such professional is Spb Software House whose rich experience is the result of...

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Secrets of DataArt's employee of the week: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing or How I Became a Were-Tester

31 August 2004 |

The votes are in and Gregory Burmistrov has won best employee of the week. Want to know how he got accustomed to the project content? Curious what it takes to become the senior? Pondering what swapping roles means for everyone? You’ll find the answer to these questions and more in the interview with...

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Millennium Care Project Successfully Finished

27 August 2004 | e-Commerce

DataArt has successfully finished a software project for Millennium Care Inc., a leading provider of technical support and customer care solutions. DataArt developed an Admin Module for I-CareTM (Incident Care), service chain automation application software for both technical support and contact centers...

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DataArt can share its knowledge with clients on how to produce higher benefits when outsourcing offshore.

26 August 2004 |

During the August 26 conference at the DataArt's Head Office in New York, Mr. Sergey Guskov, a renowned expert in corporate strategy and co- founder of a non-profit association Russian Digital Alliance, presented his well-known research work "RDA Economic Model of Offshore Relationships." The research...

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DataArt takes up the Olympic torch

25 August 2004 |

DataArt is aiming for gold with a new project in Greece. Some of DataArt's freshest talent is working on the project, and our young developers are proving themselves to be fine professionals. This first step into the Greek market further expands DataArt's growing worldwide experience; understanding...

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Second internet channel enhances service

20 August 2004 |

How can the success of projects be better guaranteed? This thought is always driving DataArt to advance its services. The launch of a second high-speed internet channel from an alternate provider is the latest safety enhancement. This guarantees DataArt with a secure and reliable 10 mb/s internet...

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