Press Releases

DataArt will participate in the Triangle TechJournal DeckParty.

14 May 2004 |

DataArt’s young North Carolina office is getting involved in Research Triangle Park events. On Thursday, May 20, Michael Nabedrik will participate in the Triangle TechJournal DeckParty This is the largest technology networking event between Atlanta and D.C. and attracts hundreds of technology VIPs,...

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Tomcat upgrade.

13 May 2004 |

Our team keeps an eye on updates and security fixes for 3rd party software we install on customer servers. Yesterday we upgraded all web servers for one of our customers with the recently released Tomcat 5.0.24. ...

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New test to evaluate UNIX developers.

11 May 2004 |

Since DataArt is always looking for good developers, we have a constantly growing library of screening tests for different technologies like Java and .NET. We use these tests to quickly determine how well each candidate is prepared. Our collection was recently expanded with the first UNIX C++ test...

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iPlanet module ported for Apache.

10 May 2004 |

Although DataArt’s primary focus remains on .NET technology, we also have experts exploring other areas. DataArt recently ported a custom module of Netscape iPlanet to work with the Apache web server as well. Not only did we make the module work with Apache, but we also made it thread safe since...

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DataArt is to sponsor and exhibit at the Hedge Funds Business Operations Forum.

3 May 2004 | Finance

DataArt is to sponsor and exhibit at the Hedge Funds Business Operations Forum on June 10-11 in New York City. With significant, growing experience and an increased focus on the hedge fund industry, DataArt will be interacting with hedge funds, funds of funds and service providers at the event. For...

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'Rus' has chosen DataArt Design Studio.

2 May 2004 |

'Rus', one of the largest insurance companies in the northwest region, has chosen DataArt Design Studio to create its corporate website. ...

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DataArt discusses a new joint program with Physics department of State University.

1 May 2004 |

DataArt is in talks with the Saint Petersburg State University about the setting up of a joint production/training venture. DataArt's R&D division, which provides design, evaluation and testing of science-intensive software, will collaborate with the physics faculty of the university. DataArt hopes...

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DataArt has completed an Internet data collection panel development project for Universal Survey Center ("USC").

29 April 2004 |

DataArt has been working in cooperation with Octopus Networking, a New York-based IT services consultancy, for the last year to produce customized market research applications on behalf of USC. Says Benjamin Irvine, Octopus's CTO: "DataArt helped us develop a .NET driven web application that could...

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DataArt attends WIT conference.

27 April 2004 |

On April 27, DataArt took part in the WIT offshoring conference held at the Logistics Management Institute, where Eugene Goland attended as one of a panel of project management and offshoring experts. Most participants in the conference were IT managers and executives from small and mid-size companies...

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DataArt will attend InfoWorld’s Wayne Rash discussion concerning best practices in offshored projects.

8 April 2004 |

Next week DataArt will attend InfoWorld’s Wayne Rash and a panel of experts for a discussion concerning best practices in offshored projects. One of the discussion founders is Loretta Prencipe, a member of DataArt’s Advisory Board. The attendants will have an invaluable opportunity to share Eugene...

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