Press Releases

DataArt welcomes new member to the advisory board.

6 February 2004 |

DataArt is proud of its advisory board and is pleased to welcome Sheldon Breiner as a new member. Sheldon Breiner is the president of New Ventures West, a high tech business incubator. He is also the chairman and founder of Wireless Note Systems, director of ESP Inc., co-founder and president of Solis...

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DataArt Invites CIOs to Share Knowledge with Russian Software Outsourcing Companies

4 February 2004 |

On February 4, 2004, in St. Petersburg, Russia, American CIOs will talk about their experience with representatives of Russian companies. Invited by DataArt, Stuart Robbins, the executive director of CIO Collective and a key technology thought leader in America's premier CIO community, is a featured...

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DataArt and CIO Collective hold Technology Leadership Forum.

4 February 2004 |

The Technology Leadership Forum was recently held in the Grand Hotel Europe. The principle speakers included Stuart Robbins, Valentin Makarov, Andrey Narvsky, and Eugene Goland. Loretta W. Prencipe conducted the question/answer period that followed. More than 100 attendees, representing various areas...

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DataArt Expert Team.

28 January 2004 |

DataArt is forming an internal group of experts to deal with the latest developments in technology, frameworks, tools, and software development processes. The objectives of this dedicated team include consulting, cooperating with journalists and contributing to various IT magazines and newspapers....

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DataArt, a Custom Software Development Company, forms Strategic Partnership with RatchetSoft

26 January 2004 |

DataArt and RatchetSoft enter into a strategic partnership to promote the concept of Service Oriented Mass Customization. DataArt, a custom software development company from Russia, continues to demonstrate its strong commitment to delivering cutting edge Microsoft-based solutions and addressing...

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DataArt specialists to go to UK to set up shared vision for upcoming project.

15 January 2004 |

A group of DataArt specialists is going to the UK for a series of meetings with one of our clients. The main goal is to set up a shared vision for an upcoming project, discuss the technological details of the future system, and establish a working relationship with the client's IT department. ...

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Information Retrieval using Latent Semantic Indexing to be used for Spam Filtering.

13 January 2004 |

Eugene Vostroknutov and Artyom Astafurov have begun work on the deployment of Information Retrieval using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). DataArt plans to use the results of this research in anti-spam technologies, information indexing, e-mail categorization, and other R&D program projects. A huge...

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DataArt Continues to Grow and Seek Experienced .NET developers.

12 January 2004 |

Basic requirements for applicants are experience of .NET developing, a thorough knowledge of web-based programming, teamwork skills, and knowledge of English. All candidates will be invited for an interview and asked to complete a test exercise developed by DataArt's leading .NET programmers. ...

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DataArt's Java Department Continues Seminars Dedicated to Hibernate

8 January 2004 |

The powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational persistence and query service Hibernate is now the most popular ORM solution for Java. DataArt actively uses Hibernate to reduce development costs. Today it was announced that the theme of the next seminar will be "Practical experience...

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DataArt Unveils Free Software Section.

7 January 2004 |

Various tools, frameworks and added features, originally written for internal needs, were enriched today by new products created by the Java Department. It was decided to make some of the new software freeware. The list of available shareware products includes the lite version of the Content Management...

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