Blockchain Insights
  • Blockchain Meets the Challenge

    20 September 2017 | UK | Media

    Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, contributes a bylined article to ITProPortal, exploring the role of blockchain in solving challenges in various areas of the music industry, including rights, licensing and royalties, live music, touring and fan engagement.

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  • Seven Reasons 2017 is a Make or Break Year for Blockchain

    11 September 2017 | UK | Media

    In a contributed byline for IDG Connect, Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, identifies seven current global developments and challenges that will determine whether blockchain will move into active production or fail.

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  • Basis: Concept for a blockchain start at banks and other financial institutions

    8 September 2017 | Europe | Media

    Kirill Timofeev, Software Project Manager at DataArt, presents five fundamental layers of a successful blockchain project in it-finanzmagazin, the leading German publication covering technologies in the financial sector.

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  • What Will Blockchain Bring Us?

    24 August 2017 | Europe | Media

    In an interview with a German business - IT magazine it-daily, Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, explains the impact of blockchain and the reasons for its success.

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  • SEC Takes a Stab at Blockchain

    17 August 2017 | US | Media

    Fund Technology discusses security concerns and regulatory implications for blockchain arising from recent Ethereum hacks, with commentary from Denis Baranov, Senior Solutions Architect at DataArt.

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  • Latest trends in Hospitality from HITEC, Toronto

    8 August 2017 | Blog

    Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality, DataArt was requested to speak at an educational session at the world's leading hospitality technology show, HITEC. The topic - blockchain - is becoming central in travel discussions and is considered to be a major area of disruptive innovation in 2017-18...

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  • Latest Developments in Blockchain at Hyperledger Hackfest @DataArt in Odessa

    24 July 2017 | Blog

    Hackfest of passion for Blockchain Over 100 Blockchain experts and enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in sunny Odessa on 4-5 of July to participate in Hyperledger Hackfest. The event was hosted by DataArt and Hyperledger as part of the Hyperledger Meetups, a series of events organized...

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  • Blockchain – a Blessing for the Energy Sector?

    17 July 2017 | Europe | Media, a German magazine that covers innovation in the energy industry publishes a contributed article by Denis Baranov, Principle Consultant at DataArt, where he explores the value and challenges of blockchain deployment in the energy sector.

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  • Blockchain Turns Gold

    5 July 2017 | Europe | Media

    Denis Baranov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt, highlights three prominent developments that signal maturity of the blockchain technology in

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  • Three Developments to Look Out for in Blockchain this Year

    27 June 2017 | UK | Media

    Fintech Finance publishes an article by Denis Baranov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt, where he discusses key factors that point to the maturity of blockchain as a technology. These include active use of blockchain as opposed to proof of concept, expansion of use-cases and a real interest from the regulators.

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