Big Data Projects

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Data volumes grow exponentially. Its growth is caused by the increasing number of systems and people acting as data sources of textual, verbal, video and transactional information. This data contains insider information and patterns previously hidden due to lack of proper technologies. Organizations which can unlock these troves of information, analyze it and build new products will gain almost unlimited benefits. DataArt has helped many organizations in achieving this goal through implementation of Big Data systems.

DataArt Big Data Solutions

Our projects include:

  • Data Processing and analytics with Apache Hadoop, Cloudera's distribution of Hadoop, GridGain, Hazelcast, R, Matlab, Hive, Pig
  • Solutions for Publishing, Travel and Financial industries built with
    • NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, HBase
    • Fast search with Solr and ElasticSearch for Apache Lucene
  • Distributed web crawling systems
  • Distributed log processing with Splunk
  • Social Web mining, Text Mining with NLTK, OpenNLP, steaming Twitter and Facebook API
  • Research projects on Windows Azure with Hadoop

Implementation Approach

With our growing experience in Big Data technologies we will help you:

  • Build more transparent systems
    • By simply making data available in a timely manner businesses can improve security and safety of their systems, reduce search & processing time, improve effectiveness of resource management, save energy and help meet customer expectations
  • Identify customers and determine population segmentation to customize your decisive actions according to the needs of a specific sector
    • Tailor products and services for client's needs
    • Implement real-time micro-segmentation
    • Treat customers in a personalized way
  • Replace or improve human decision with algorithms where appropriate
    • Find hidden insights affecting decision
    • Automatically fine tune your inventories, expenses, logistics, pricing, etc.
  • Build innovative businesses with new data products available in the emerging marketplaces such as Infochimps, Windows Azure Data Marketplace or DataMarket

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